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    Bot fishing on aika

    You will need:
    And AikaNo_Xtrap or Aika_NoGameGuard
    I did a Aika_NoGameGuard Aikasea put the link at the end of the topic.

    Well the auto-fishing using the program that our friend shared it with ZeusBR agent, it also works on 32 bit
    oh you think ta fishing alone but does not put the bait alone. hehe
    I created a shipping package that does this for you.

    video removed for offenses in the game!

    New AikaSEA No-GameGuard [Always Update] By: DarkT: AikaSEA No-GameGuard New Version [Always Update in This Thread]
    New AIKAIN No-Gameguard New Version [Always Update] By: emoisblack: AIKAIN No-Gameguard New Version [Always Update in This Thread]
    New AIKA BR no xTrap new version [Always Update] By: RodoXFNX : AIKA BR no xTrap new version
    New AIKA EN no xTrap new version [Always Update] By: RodoXFNX: AIKA EN no xTrap new version

    WPE Tutorial:
    Open packages are available for download below.
    Push the start from the top, jump or do something and stop appearing.
    Then right-click one of the items displayed in the window and select the last option "set the send list with socket ID"
    Select all packages.
    Click the play button below.
    Time to change the 10,000 mileseconds
    Click the play and be happy!


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    You copied this topic here

    Você copio este tópico daqui

    This is the second topic that you copy, please read the rules

    Este já é o segundo tópico que você copia, por favor leia as regras

    Even if you are passing the post.

    Mesmo que você esteja repassando o post.

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