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    What are the packages EXP?

    Hello Guys!

    Before I start writing, I apologize for my english, I'm doing my best!

    I'm trying to analyze the data packets of Aika, is much more difficult. But if you'd like to know how to locate the data packet regarding EXP.

    My first thought:
    When you kill a MOB, you will earn your EXP. I wanted to write this package and send it to the server only. So you gain EXP only sending packets without killing the MOB.

    Second idea:
    Is to change the value of EXP that will receive the MOB kill anyone? So instead of receiving 100 EXP, would receive 500 (for example)

    Is to perform these two procedures? I could not find anything related to it. I could only make the character attack without stopping, even more so this is not what I want.

    If someone can give some answer, or some link that I have not found.

    Thanks for listening!

    only passing the post

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