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    Skill Hack - Very Funny

    woks in gamezaion, infiniteaion, atomix.
    don't know if work in official aion

    Just put this file in: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Aion\Data\Skills
    (make backup of Skills.pak if you want back to normal)

    Face Smash no chain.
    Break Power don't need stumble
    Remove Shock > Refresh Spirt no chain

    Billow no chain (aoe stumble always on)
    Remove Shock (aoe stumble always on)
    Remove Shock - Ferocity (buff atack no chain)

    Magic First and Aether Flame (always)
    Remove Shock non chain

    You can use Hide when get attacked

    Remove Shock (shield and atack, always can use)
    Divine Spark (no chain)

    You can open the skill.pak with winrar and try edit too.
    But you can't remove DP usage, cooldown, learn skills because is server side.

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