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    Thumbs up Kintow MultiHack 2.5.1

    # Status
    Current Status : Working and undetected with the last patch
    Last S4L Patch date : December 14, 2011
    Last Hack update : December 16, 2011 (version 2.5.1)

    # Required
    Here is a list of tools you need for everything to work properly.
    VC++ 2010 Redistribuable
    Think to disable your antivirus if it detect it as a trojan, it's due to the protection.

    # Screen

    # Functions
    GodMode : You can't die.
    200HP : Your HP are set to 200. (remember, you can't place sentries with it)
    Infinite SP : You don't lose any SP.
    SP Refill : SP gived at the end of an action (run,WJ,skill) - don't work with the ball
    SpeedHack : Your character's speed is increased.
    No Rules : You can enter in a room without weapon limit (you must enter after a match is begin !)

    Inf.Ammo : You don't lose any ammo when you fire.
    MultiHit : The blows are made several times
    1Hit-Kill : ...
    Sentry Range : Your SentiNell/SentryGun will touch everybody on the map
    Walls HP/Time : Your walls can't be destroyed by time or by players
    Anchor Delay : No delay required for launch Anchoring
    Anchor Speed : Anchoring speed increased
    Anchor Range : Non-stop Anchoring

    # How to use
    Make sure S4League is not already started
    Launch MultiHack
    Select every option you want and start S4League.
    Have fun

    It's possible S4L don't start and you get Timeout for initializing xtrap, just retry again or reboot your computer.

    Please note i know it don't will work with everybody, but i can't change anything to this, but i can try to find the error if you give me more information.
    Remember you must don't open any AutoIt/CE/hacking software, or you will get a ban / XTrap detect.
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