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    [theHunter hack] Gamerisers theHunter [RISER] new beta phase

    For those who like theHunter game (theHunter - The most realistic hunting game online), GameRisers is entering the second beta phase !


    ## Features:
    - Chams (colored animals + wallhack)
    - Speedhack / Slowmotion (aka perfect aim)
    - Winter (aka Winter Hunting)
    - No grass (remove the low vegetation for some clearer view)
    - Slowmotion Key
    - Normal view Key (turn off chams and winter mode)

    ## Bonuses (yet to come, not included in this release):
    - Ingame clock
    - Specific crosshairs
    - Some nice surprises (real cool features that should please alot of you hardcore hunters !)

    The game has to be run in 'High' or 'Medium' texture details.
    Low is NOT supported.
    If your computer cannot take it, set it to medium, reduce other details, and refer to section #4# below.

    How to use features

    While ingame :
    Open the menu by pressing HOME key

    Use the arrows to navigate in the options:
    UP and DOWN to next or previous feature, RIGHT or LEFT to change them

    #1# chams Off / On : set the chams and the wallhack feature.
    WARNING : Before you pickup an animal, set this feature to off in the menu or by pressing F12 (Normal view key)
    Please keep in my that we are NOT responsible if you get banned because of making screenshots of colored animals.

    #2# Speed : Normal / Fast Walk / SlowMotion
    Normal speed is self-explanatory
    Fast Walk : your game speed is 2x faster, so do NOT abuse of speedhack, as it can be detected considering the time and distance travelled.
    SlowMotion : imagine that Neo is hunting into the Matrix. Enjoy to take your time of the perfect shoot.

    #3# Winter mode : Feeling a bit bored about having no season in your hunts ? Experience the winter hunt with snow everywhere !

    #4# No Grass : remove the grass / low vegetation to have a clearer view.
    Can help too if your computer experience some lag due to graphic card.

    Special Hotkeys

    While playing,
    - Press HOME to display/disable the menu
    - Press C to slow down the time and use the SlowMotion feature "on-the-fly". Release the key to get back to your previous speed (even in Fast Walk mode)
    - Press F12 if you want to turn off chams and winter mode without opening the menu. If you want to re-enable these features, open the menu again and set them back to what you want.
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