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Thread: TERA - WPE Pro

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    TERA - WPE Pro

    Hi all.

    Started playing this game today and seems very good.

    Was wondering if anyone has tryed hacking it with WPE Pro. Only played around with it a bit but dosent seem to work.

    Anyone try it?


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    does not help, because the game client is encrypted!, you can only see what server answer you, but Client will always send 0x000000 because, you need first, take off shackles from client, and than, you will see what he sent for server! but, if you take of shackles, you can get in game, for max 10 min, but, this can help you see your requests for take in game=)

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    very cool, if you get Tera from - because, there core is full! because, NA and EU edit client core, and delete many rows from it, and code dont full!

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    the game client is encrypted so whatever packet u get from the client well be fake not unlest u somehow able to decrypt the client then you might be able to use wpe but intill that happens its a no

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