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    [HOW TO]Create online database


    I'm a french guy so i would like to apologize for the future mistakes ^^.
    I'm actually on TERA. And since the beginning, I have a question: How can I create a french online database like I can see on the net (teracodex for example) ?

    So, I say to me "Hey dude, have you enough skills to create this kind of database". It's now a challenge for me to create a french database, even if I keep my database for me.

    So, I would like to know if you can help me with some explanations ?

    -Where can I find the list of items who can be find in game ?
    -How can I extract the informations (item list and characteristics in french) ?

    Do you think you can help me with that ? Because I'm really hopefull.

    thanks for all.

    Best Regards.

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    Hello ,

    For stuff like this you will need to learn at least basics of reverse enegeneering / data mining since i believe you want to extract data from your game client which is in french . Its a good idea yet if you have no experience in this it ll be a challenge . I believe some lists may be also found publicly on the internet however i dont believe you can find it all

    Best of luck ,

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    All the game data is contained in one single encrypted DAT file, which someone already got to decrypt (though I don't know a download link at the moment).

    After that we have a huge binary file which structure is a complete mess and I have no idea if anyone could parse it all.

    I also want to create such a site in my language, so let's see if we're lucky and someone helps us.

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