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    [Offsets / Struct] Party Information

    Here is the offset needed to access party array :

            internal enum Party
                MainPointer1 = 0x1742DD4,
                MainPointer1__PartyInfo1 = 0x14,
                MainPointer1__PartyInfo2 = 0x98,
                PartyInfo__Array = 0x98,
                PartyInfo__ArrayCount = 0x9C,
    And the struct of each array item :

            public struct PartyEntry
                private UInt32 Unk1;
                private UInt32 Unk2;
                private UInt32 Unk3;
                private UInt32 Unk4;
                public UInt64 GUID;
                private UInt32 Unk5;
                private UInt32 Unk6;
                private UInt32 Unk7;
                public UInt32 Level;
                private UInt32 Unk9;
                private UInt32 Unk10;
                private UInt32 Unk11;
                private UInt32 Unk12;
                private UInt32 Unk13;
                private UInt32 Unk14;
                private UInt32 Unk15;
                private UInt32 Unk16;
                private UInt32 Unk20;
                private UInt32 Unk21;
                public Single Y;
                public Single X;
                public Single Z;
                private UInt32 Unk22;
                private UInt32 Unk23;
                private UInt32 Unk24;
                public UInt32 Health;
                public UInt32 Mana;
                public UInt32 MaxHealth;
                public UInt32 MaxMana;
    Note that the struct is bigger (0xFC) but here I have what I need

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