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    Tera Online Sorcerer Skills

    The sorcerers are powerful damage-dealers. They research and discover ways to master the forces of the world. Using their mystical disks they deal a lot of damage from afar to their enemies or protect and heal their allies.
    Sorcerers are very fragile so they depend on the aid of their allies to survive in battles. Quick judgment is very important when playing as sorcerer and having skilled sorcerers in your team can assure your victory.


    for additional info, teracodex link

    lvl req | Title | Description
    1 Fireball Shoot a fireball at a target, doing more damage if the target is nearby.
    1 Flame Pillar Summon a column of flame directly in front of you that burns any enemies within it.
    2 Mana Infusion Replenishes some of your mana over several seconds.
    2 Backstep Take quick steps backward and out of harm's way.
    4 Magma Bomb Arc a fiery projectile several meters away, where it explodes, damaging anyone nearby.
    6 Painful Trap Set a trap that explodes in all directions when stepped on. Trap lasts ten seconds.
    8 Time Gyre Freezes any targets you lock onto in place and prevents players from dodging or teleporting.
    10 Ice Needle Launch an ice shard that briefly slows the movement speed of each target it pierces.
    12 Retaliate Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
    14 Painblast Several targets within a circle several meters in front of you writhe in agony and take damage for several seconds. This skill inflicts less damage on other players.
    14 Mana Siphon Charge up and absorb mana from the targeted nearby foe.
    16 Glacial Retreat Freeze the ground before you as you leap backward, damaging and briefly decreasing the movement speed of those nearby.
    18 Arcane Pulse You charge up a slow-moving but deadly energy ball that plows through multiple enemies inflicting damage.
    20 Flaming Barrage Lock onto several nearby foes and un-erringly fire bolts of white-hot flame at them.
    22 Teleport Jaunt Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.
    24 Mindblast Briefly put to sleep any targets in a circle centered several meters in front of you.
    26 Fireblast Blast any targets in a large flaming circle a few meters in front of you.
    28 Lightning Trap Set a trap with a ten-second duration that briefly paralyzes anyone in its area of effect.
    32 Overchannel Your next attack within a few seconds does more damage.
    36 Void Pulse Launch a powerful sphere at a single target.
    40 Mana Barrier Cast a magical shield that absorbs up to a fixed amount of damage, burning mana to do so.
    44 Burning Breath An ember of energy locks onto and drills into targets, burning them slowly. This skill does less damage to other players.
    48 Burst of Celerity Your attack speed increases briefly.
    52 Hail Storm Summons an ice storm in front of you that damages and progressively slows everyone within it.
    56 Nerve Exhaustion Lock onto and hex nearby players so that they can't use the basic attacks that recharge their mana.
    58 Mana Volley The target players you lock onto slowly bleed mana, which you drink in.
    60 Stone Skin Encases your body in stone for 5 seconds, protecting from all attacks and dropping all aggro.

    Video :


    Vitality Stats
    HP: 582
    MP: 200/200
    MP Regen Rate: +10, Natural Recovery
    Basic Stats
    Damage: 64
    Defense: 12
    Movement Speed: 110
    Critical Hit: 25
    Basic Attack Inf
    Direction: Forward
    Range: 15M
    Target-Type: Single Target
    Attack Speed: 0.7
    MP Change: -1
    Resistance Stats
    Critical Hit: 25
    Root/Hold: 30
    Poison/Disease: 35
    Addiction: 20
    Confusion: 15
    Equipment Stats
    Weapon Damage: 12
    Armor: 10


    Level 60 Sorcerer Glyph Build 50/50 Points
    Mana Infusion Glyph of Spirit 4 Pts, Lvl 20: Increases MP regeneration by 10%
    Ice Needle Glyph of Blaze 5 Pts, Lvl 20: Speeds casting by 40% for Mindblast, the next skill in the chain.
    Mindblast Glyph of Haste 5 Pts, Lvl 24: Speeds casting by 30%.
    Fireblast Glyph of Haste 5 Pts, Lvl 26: Speeds casting by 17%. Glyph of Brilliance 4 Pts, Lvl 26: Decreases MP consumption by 250. Glyph of Sharing 7 Pts, Lvl 26: Increases damage when skill hits multiple targets.
    Overchannel Glyph of Energy 2 Pts, Lvl 32: Decreases cooldown by 30%.
    Void Pulse Glyph of Brilliance 4 Pts, Lvl 36: Decreases MP consumption by 250.
    Mana Barrier Glyph of Energy 2 Pts, Lvl 40: Decreases cooldown by 20%. Glyph of Lingering 4 Pts, Lvl 40: Increases effect duration by 50%.
    Burst of Celerity Glyph of Swift 5 Pts, Lvl 48: Increases attack speed by 50%.
    Hail Storm Glyph of Energy 3 Pts, Lvl 52: Decreases cooldown by 20%
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    aww, rly want 60th lvl skill xD
    by the way, good guide, thx

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