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    Tera online



    Developer: Studio BlueHoles
    Publisher: En Masse Entertainment
    Engine: Unreal Engine 3
    Date (s) Released: 2011
    Gender: MMORPG and Action
    Game modes: Online (P2P)
    Microsoft Windows-
    Processor-Intel Core 2 Duo
    -Geforce 8800GT video card or equivalent
    DirectX 9.0c-
    -2GB of RAM
    -30GB of disk space
    -Connection to Internet


    Play Style
    The Tera online, has a game system that is set in a presentation by David Noonan, head of the writer Tera, in the event E3 Games, MMORPG as 50% and 50% Game Action Some attributes such as avoidance, reduction and trim damage not included in character, being an action to be performed by the player, leaving the burden of it to deflect blows in your direction, or make a blocking action. What differentiate each class of the game, are the skills, which together with the command of the player would make a difference for situations such as having to dodge a monster attack.

    Interaction with scenery
    Every interaction, whether with NPCs or items in the scenario is done by proximity to such objects. Reaching the minimum distance of interaction, the character can perform actions related to these objects. To fight, a central crosshair on the screen, will give the coordination point for attacks, being very similar to shooting games. The central aim will change shape when you gaze into a monster, also detailing the information away for the same character.

    Pawel Majak, the project manager involved with Tera, in an interview with gaming site specializing in Gametrailers said it would be possible to use keyboard and mouse and use of various joysticks, and not just the Xbox 360 controller as mentioned in other interviews. That happens to be a new style of play, which mixes elements of MMORPG and game action, and the possibility of multiple controls of the game, give flexibility to the game.


    ! Amani: Race much like the Orcs from other MMORPG, differentiating the shell found on the face. By history, an ancient people is enslaved by the giants and now released.
    ! Baraka: direct descendants of the giants, have stocky bodies and intellect developed.
    ! Castanics: *******izes Race of gods and demons, which became self-sufficient. The features closely resemble the Thieflings, RPG's book.
    ! High Elves: Despite causing intrigues with God and ends with old alliances are considered a good race with ties of cooperation.
    ! Humans: Intended to try to stabilize the current world, is using its value, tenacity and indomitable spirit. Search for prosperity and peace.
    ! Popori: Guardians of the resident animals and magical spirits in nature. They are protectors of the forests and have a sense of danger as any other race.


    ! Archer: They are fitted with speed, use the bow as main weapon, and defense is through light armor.
    ! Berserker: It is considered a class "tank" with a focus on attack, has the ability to knock down, load, which reduces the statistical power and increase the defensive offensive, and attacks in the area using two-handed axes and heavy armor .
    ! Lancer: If you use a spear and shield in a group to serve as a wall. Tanks are focusing on defense and intimidation of enemies, use spear and shield in conjunction with heavy armor.
    ! Mystic: In the world of an MMORPG are known as "buffers", ie, where the focus is a bit of healing, and increasing support attributes of all those participating in the group where he is. Use sticks and robes.
    ! Priest: basic skills of healing, the best options in the character of support focused on this skill. They use staffs and robes
    ! Slayer: An intermediate with the Berserker Warrior, not a primary tank. Use light armor but does not have the same mobility of the Warrior, has attacks in the area and the damage of a Berserker, but not the same defense, not to use heavy armor.
    ! Sorcerer: Generators that have damage spells that cause secondary damage, such as reduced speed. Use "hard" as a weapon, which is a kind of symbol that floats around the patient, and bathrobes.
    ! Warrior: Another fighting hand-to-body, focusing on the elusive, multiple attacks that come from two swords equipped, and users of light armor and skills that enable a more effective avoidance of their enemies.

    Tera Online Level 42 Dungeon Boss 1080p - YouTube

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    Game isint out yet...seems good, but I would rather play Blade and Soul

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    the two seems to be good .. expecting the even more tera ^^..

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    Game is free?

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