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    [ bug ] shop item mcash unsegel

    Okay, now I will divide the way how the bug that has been used mcash shop resale without the seal in shop market.

    1. before the bug cash shop item, you must put / have a shop aid.
    2. then, you press "H" to open the shop Aid ..
    3. then, place the item in addition to the usual items you want dibugkan mcash
    4. ago, then move the item you want dibugkan keslot usual stuff besides mcash goods, but move your hand speed dengen simply click the item so that the item is not displaced dislot before being transferred to another item.
    5. indicates that the item successfully dibugkan follows:
    6. then, you can sell dishop aid cash item that has been used but can be resold.

    Remember, if it is a bug .. you open a shop aid in the corners so it does not look nick name bug sellers such cash item.
    so as not to be in the screenshot others.

    may be useful ..

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    i really love this bug although it will be banned
    but i dont really know your explaination
    could you speak all in english?

    especially process 3,4 sorry i dont know much indonisian

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