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    A hack to change the success chance of Equipment Upgrade

    In Soul Saver Online, there is a function that allows you to "upgrade" your equipment (weapon and clothing) through a process called Seal Compounding. I'll explain what that is before giving my actual request.

    Seal Compounding use Seal Items. These Seal Items are Items you equip to your character to collect souls of monsters you beat. If you play the game for a while, you'll see souls floating up plenty of times after a monster dies. The Seals are then filled with these souls until they are completely filled. If they are filled completely, they can be used in Seal Compounding. There are 10 kinds of Seals with levels from 1 to 10. The lower the number, the better the quality and the lower the chance of successful compound. A grade 1 Seal, if successful, can add 20 points to the attack point of a weapon and 40 defend points to clothes, which is the best. But at the same time, the chance for it to be successfully compounded into an equipment is the lowest (11%). Grade 10 seals has 100% success rate, but only add 1 attack point and 2 defend point.

    In this thread:, we can see the percentage of success chance of Seal Compounding.

    What I want to request is a way to change all the percentage values into 100%. If not all, just the one with 11%. Who's up to the challenge ?

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