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    Soul Saver Dev Team

    Hi SoulSaver community

    What do you think about creating small dev team which aimed to analyzing the game client?

    What we can do and what we should achieve:
    • private bugs
    • gg bypass
    • packet decryption
    • file decryption
    • emulating packets

    To say the truth, I have not so much time and I’m not a gamer who yearns for cheats, but I’ve found this game client interesting so I can offer my help. During last day I’ve done basic packet encryption analyzing, game protection (encrypted GG strings, GG checks etc), spr structure, some data files were decrypted. Also, as was mentioned in some other thread, I can point and say how to fully bypass GG.
    In dev section I will share disassembled code with notes, piece of functions which can be modified in purpose of VAC/GodMod hack etc.

    OK, how to join this team. I know that the SSO community here is rather young and I can’t freely choose members for the team. First of all candidates should know what ASM is and they should be skilled in reversing, packet analyzing, C++/C# programming. Second, candidates should already have at least 15 useful posts.
    Plus, I will ask some questions about internal client structure to receive evidence that the candidate can join the team

    PM me for further instruction

    P.S. All PGC members, who have Pro status can PM me to get access
    P.P.S. Do not forget that I do not tolerate messages like “I want something, add me to the team”. If you don’t meet the requirements, don’t even ask about access.
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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    Nice..i hope this will be useful in the future.GO.GO.GO

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    i didnt know if i fill the requirement or not..
    but i'll try...i just have a little knowladge on ASM, Reversing, and analys packed..
    but maybe i have enough knowledge about C#, and a basic of C..
    Learn from PGC for Share on PGC..

    For another Stuff i have make try to find it [Please, register to view links]
    If i have help you, please thanks and respect ..

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    Debug+Scan <= i think isn't enough for me

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