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    Fighter AXE Guide

    Guys, this is my guide for a good Axe fighter. This is how i've build my character. The fighter axe is the strongest class in this game. So have fun being strong =)


    Using the auto-assign you'll get 3 STR 1 Con witch is a good ratio for this class.[Good damage and highest defense][recommended]

    Other way to go is 3 STR 1 DEX, witch will give you the highest amount of damage and critical ratio. It is the one best build to make. since the fighter's armor give the highest amount of defense you won't get much damage from the monsters, but the other fighters who's build have CON will get less damage.[highest damage{str + critical} less defense] [recommended]

    The last way to make your char is 3 str 1 dex 1 con.. you'll end up with a good amount of damage,critical and defense, however, you won't hit as much the other builds[Medium damage and defense] [Less recommended]

    There is one last possible way witch is going 4 STR, that sure will give you alot more damage then the other builds,however i haven't seeing anyone using pure str, so i'm not sure if it is a good choice.

    ~~I've chosen the 3 STR 1 Con because i was dying way too much. Sure i hit less, but i dont die as often and i'm not that concerned about PVP, however if you are seeking to be the best out there you should definitely go with the 3 STR 1 DEX build. You'll get alot more damage then the other builds, but you'll have the highest damage of them all. So it is basically a trade. you trade some defense to get more damage.


    I probably don't have to say it, but you should never add points to the wheel skills.. EVER! you cannot be a "wheel-axe fighter"

    .I believe there's no right way to add the points, so you should go with your intuition. I'll say what i've done with my fighter

    First i maxed axe mastery cuz it gives alot more damaged, then i added a few points to tomahawk and now im waiting for the rest of the skills to come up. i'm currently at lv 30.

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