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    Justice Archer PvP build

    Hi guys,
    Today i'm gonna guide you how to build a Justice Archer (PVP only).
    And since the lvl cap in SSO right now is 80 so my guide will stop there for now .

    First thing first, let's me break it to you :
    If you decide to play an archer, you shouldn't expect much from this job.
    Archers are pretty weak, yes they are, in both pvp and pve. Acceptable dmg, not very high hp and def, and the 0.5s delay image every time u attack, plus a fatal weak point that I can't really say it here, since it will put most archer out there in a disadvantages. The only thing that makes up for this job is high range.

    Yes, and if you fine with what I just said, let's continue, or else just move to another topic.

    Now move on the the Archer skills part:
    Note : I don't have any image for all the skills right now, hope some nice people have the .gifts could send me, then I'll upload it here.
    1st job :
    + Bow Mastery : Not much to say about this skill, if you're not maxing it, you're not an Archer.
    + Tiger Fang : This skill ... sucks, don't even bother wasting any point on this skill, u'll have better skill later.
    + Bird Of Prey : Now this skill is totally awesome, but only for pvp purpose. It sucks when it come to pve, only 1 target :-< . This skil chases super far, No other skill in SSO can chase as far as this skill. ( leave aside lock-target-sudden-cast skill like Flash Bang )
    + Mucus Trap : This skill is good and has nice effect, but u'll have better skill later so leave it out.
    + Vulture eye : Useless piece of sh*t :-<. Don't even bother learning it.
    + Shadow step : Now this is a speacial skill, If you plan on going with the pvp style, start saving point to max this skill. It's pretty hard to use this skill effectively, but with pratices it'll be the one of ur strongest asset in a fight.
    + Guardian Angel : Yes yes, u'r gonna have to max this skill, even if u'r a pvp or a pve player. 30%def and 10%eva is really good.
    +Pecking Crow : This skill is the opposite with Bird Of Prey, Its sole purpose is for pve. It's still very handy in Guild War though .

    2nd job:
    + Physical training : If u go pvp, max this out. It;ll help u alot, u'll see.
    + Mana Mastery : Learn this, but don't waste a single point into this.
    + Glacier Arrow : I don't care if u'r pve or pvp, max this skill out, the freezing effect is really nice and the speed of the arrow is awesome ( well not as fast as Chaos archer's though )
    + Raging Bear : Must max this, but not now, only if u have enough point. 20% more dmg is really nice.
    + Heaven's wrath : this skill is a lil' tricky to use in pvp, very good in pve though.

    The Lv cap 80 is a really big disadvantage for hunter, so we have to choose what skill to max depend on ur playstyle

    -Spammer style, You should max these skill
    Bow Mastery
    Guardian angel
    Physical training
    Glacier arrow
    Heaven's wrath
    Raging bear
    Note : With this build, you'll have ur dmg to the max and can spam like mad in pvp, make ur opponent feel the pressure.

    -Agile spamer, You should max these skill
    Bow Mastery
    Guardian angel
    Physical training
    Glacier arrow
    Heaven's wrath
    Shadow step
    Note : Well, as u can see, this build lower ur dmg and raise ur mobility, and u can still spam like mad.

    - Save Ur point, you should max these skill
    Bow Mastery
    Guardian angel
    Physical training
    Glacier arrow
    Heaven's wrath
    Shadow step
    Raging Bear
    Note : This build pretty much take away ur ability to spam. The trade is ur skills now have high dmg, better mobility and u won't have to use reset later. This build requires u to pvp with accuracy and the ability to use aim ( or lock-on or whatever name u can come up with)

    You may notice, the last build is only for someone with friends . U have no skill to go training, so you'll have to grind to level 62 with every attack skills at level 1.

    Anyway, the stat part is simple, u can goes with either full dex or the 3:1 standard build. Though I really want to try out the str build style, I can't afford a reset stat skill .

    That's it every one, I'll update the guide when I reach 104, and if I have to time I'll give out tips to pvp other job .
    Oh and plz contact me if you want to give me ur ideas, I'll update it here. I'm not perfect and i'm open mind .
    Thank you all for reading this.

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