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    Claw Assassin build

    hey guys i just want to share my builds with everyone here, please give me your opinion on how well my build does. thanks


    My assassin is mainly used for PVP or wars so i usually buff up my damage but since the potion delay is longer compared to GO so improvise with 2 stage of stats

    i'll start from level 1
    • level 1= 4 dex
    • level 2= 2 dex 1 str 1 con
    • level 3= 4 dex
    • level 4= 3 dex 1 str

    and it keeps going that way until i hit around 23-25 str then
    • 4 dex
    • 4 dex
    • 4 dex
    • 3 dex 1 con
    • 4 dex
    • 4 dex
    • 3 dex 1 con

    and it keeps on going that way until I feel confident with my HP and defense. Then i will go full dex.


    Like most people i maxed claw mastery, Lightning Dash, Evasion Veil, and the level 43 skills.

    with this build I hit level 60 with enough skill points to max out another skill i usually either do dragon force or maxed double jump and the rest on poison attack.

    Playing style

    This is just me i'm not sure how the other does it but this is what suits me best


    I will use lightning dash and the avatar skills most of the time since i need to be able to control the mob I'm taking.

    Some people tell me to use the level 13 skill for PVE which i don't really prefer to use unless it's necessary, although i sometimes uses the level 43 skill to keep distance with my mob, i guess it's part of how i control the mob.

    P.S. for all you who don't know don't use poison against monster, the damage dealt by poison won't count to you experience


    Most of the time I will first look at what opponent I'm going to encounter, and i won't tell you guys exactly how i PVP cause that's just like blowing my secrets away :P.

    So for PVP I will use Lightning Dash and the level 43 skill which will make me much more portable, and i use poison attack too but i don't think it's that easy to use poison attack cause i have to get very close to the opponent especially if it's a magic user poison is more of an impossible thing to do.


    Well in wars i usually hide and do a killing blow on an enemy with Lightning Dash and Hide or run away since with my build it would take 2 seconds at the most for PRO 2nd job magic user to kill me

    P.S. for wars and PVP don't be stingy to use Lightning Dash to run away or to approach an enemy, Lightning Dash is a very awesome skill when you can time it right

    well that's all from me i hope to hear some opinion from you guys. Hope this help some of you too xD. Thanks for reading guys

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