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    Overview all class sso


    skill 104

    Weapon : sword/ Katana
    characteristics: Class melee, ATK and DEF a comprehensive


    skill 104

    Weapon : Claw/Firs
    characteristics: evasion of hight . Is the only class with stealth skill. This is the skill class property with flexible style to beat fast, compact destroyed.


    skill 104

    Weapon : Fan/Staff
    characteristics: Class ranged . AOE big . trained good . effect perfect in all class


    skill 104

    Weapon : Axe/Wheel
    characteristics: ATK . DEF as Fencer . Wheel can attack ranged


    skill 104

    Weapon : Bow/Cannon
    characteristics: Class is low DEF , HP , MP but Bow speed hight , aim good . Cannon low speed .range small and ATK the highest

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    wow...wheel looks like the most awesome skill in level 104...

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