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    Fighter wheel first part of the guide ^^

    Sorry for my bad English

    Well now i will show you how to build a decent wheel fighter.

    As a wheel fighter, you can choose 1 of 3 ways to build your stat.

    First one: 3 dex 1 vit: Enough def, moderate HP, moderate damage => Most common build for wheel user.

    Second one: 2 dex, 2 stre, 1 vit: Enough def, huge hp, moderate damage. However, this style will give you somehow lower damage when facing high def char or monsters.

    Third one: Max Strength or Max Dex. Huge hp or huge damage. However, you can be very squishy thanks to your low def.

    Other builds are welcome, but i can only find these 3 most appropriated.

    Now, as you all know, you rely on your range weapon skills to counter most melee fighters. Therefore, i would recommend this skill build:

    1st: MAX your passive that you learned at lv 10. Well...obvious right? More damage for your Precious Wheel.

    2nd: MAX your lv 18 skill. Your primary skill for ...everything, from trainning to pk-ing. Low manacost, long range...Almost perfect. IF only it functions normally, rather than just stuck at the first creep. By the way, its damage is pretty low compared to all other skills from other chars.

    3rd: MAX THE ROAR. Yes, the skill that gives you damage for half the duration. Well....damage is good, right
    I would reccommend saving your points till you get to 60. Then you can increase lv 60 and 62 skills. You will barely have enough points, so dont try anything funny =))

    Others tell me to lvl up lv 43 skill...but after much playing, the skill lv 43 seems pretty useless to me. You cant use it to fight range chars, and melee chars would just kick your ass when they get close enough to you....So...your choice

    The first part of the guide ends here. I will update the second part soon, which will tell you how to pk with other chars.

    STay tuned . To be continued.

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    which is better?Justice or Chaos?

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