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    Eden eternal Lv65 account Saphire server

    I'm selling my Eden Eternal account since I got bored and tried of the game, want to buy a new computer.
    I got some pretty rare and valuable equipment in there.
    There are over 1000$ invested into this account.
    Things to be noted of
    -Has one of the three legendary eden wings which are extremely hard to get.(Equiped in the picture)
    -Has a gold melee set.(Makes you glow yellow when full set is equiped.)
    -Has Three +10 Gold equipment in the account.

    Pictures of stuff I have is in the compressed files.

    My price: 300$ Minimum
    If you offer any less your offer will be ignored or harshly rejected.

    Contact me at

    Virus total scan:
    SHA256: d6f78c76a27d1bf82e1305bed8bf2654b44eed4dd4b574f2c0 601362cb598e32
    SHA1: 22dc5fd48699a8833557e0fe96d744fcdb886a41
    MD5: 8aa9d6cd085fb483a94cde0dde63e856
    File size: 3.2 MB ( 3336437 bytes )
    File name: Stuff I have.rar
    File type: RAR
    Detection ratio: 0 / 44
    Analysis date: 2012-10-21 22:47:39 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

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