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    Rift Interactive Map

    Current features:
    • Shows all Puzzles, and all Cairns known to me. You can mouse-over a Puzzle or Cairn to see the maximum level of the reward. Disabled by default.
    • Shows all Porticulums in Telara. You can change settings only to show Defiant or Guardian Porticulums.
    • Shows all Instances in Telara. You can mouse-over an Instance to see the level range of that Instance.
    • You can click on a zone on the Worldmap to enter a Zone Map. Click on another zone while on a Zone Map to enter that zone instead.

    You can mouse-over a zone on the Worldmap to get more information on the zone.
    Gatherables Quick Fact shows the materials you can gather through Butchering, Mining and Foraging in the zone you mouse-over. Plants disabled by default.
    Instance Quick Fact shows the name of the Instance found in the zone you mouse-over.

    You can use Settings to choose which things you want to track on the map.
    I'm still collecting data on gatherables and cairns, so the material which spawns in which zone could be slightly off.

    Online map + link for offline version

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