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    Rift Fast High Level Grinding

    This short guide will help Rift players to grind from 48-50 in about 6 hours without moving. Moreover, with simple AutoIt script you can create semi-botting char and farm while afk.

    Anyway, here's what you do. First, go here:

    This area can hold like 6 rifts, but we're looking for a specific one. Look for one with the rift event called Golden Cascade, as circled here:

    Once you've found it, you'll see 4 guys standing around the middle and a bunch of mound looking things in a circle around them.

    Do not kill the guy in the very middle.

    Now that we have that established, the "exploity" part here is the Gildstone Deposits. They're level 50, have 4900 health, can't attack, drop loot, give reputation, experience, and respawn in about 30 seconds. I hope I'm making my point clear enough to you. At level 48 they give 889 xp, and at level 49 they give 887. I was killing 1 every ~20 seconds which was netting me 160k XP per hour.

    Here's another picture for reference:

    Being a Ranger, I was able to stand in 1 spot and still be in range of 3 of the mounds, which meant the only time I ever needed to move was when I wanted to loot a pile of them.
    Author: Privc

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