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    Rift game macros and console commands

    A macro in the context of video games refers to a set of instructions that can be issued together with one input or “hotkey.” Rift supports macroing via an in-game menu. Opening that menu brings up a panel with a list of macro slots on the left, and the macro fields on the right. You can give your macro a name and select an icon for it. You can also have a macro inherit the icon and cooldown timer of some ability using the following syntax:
    PHP Code:
     #show ability 
    e.g. #show Commander’s Order will cause the macro to inherit the icon and ability icon of the skill called “Commander’s Order”.


    When listing commands in the macro interface, you do not need the leading slash, so rather than /cast, you would just use cast. The following illustrates:
    PHP Code:
     #show Commander's Order
    cast @mouseover Commander's Order 

    Basic Macro Commands

    • /saveequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/saveequip 1″) – This saves the currently equipped set of equipment to the specified index.
    • /loadequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/loadequip 1″) – This loads the saved set of equipment from the specified index.
    • /cast followed by an ability name (e.g. “/cast Motif of Tenacity”) – This casts the specified ability. You can specify a target for that ability using special targeting syntax (e.g. /cast @mouseover Commander’s Order)
    • /wait followed by a number of seconds (e.g. “/wait 1″) – This is used to tell the game engine to wait the specified number of seconds before issuing the next command.
    • /stopcasting – This tells the game engine to stop the current action and is a necessary intermediate step between chained macro commands.
    • /use item – This uses the item named (e.g. /use Blessed Tome)
    • /help – This lists the Rift recognized / commands.

    Special Commands
    • /%T – displays the target selected in chat.
    • @Focustarget – Cast a spell at a target of a focused target, E.G. /cast @focustarget Soul lance
    • @Lasttarget – Cast a spell on your last target before your current target
    • #show “ability” – Causes the macro to inherhit the icon and ability icon of the skill.

    Example Macros

    Assisting Main Tank
    PHP Code:
    target "name"
    "name of your usual starting skill" 
    Crowd Control Notification
    Will tell in party chat the name of the target (%T)you’re casting Transmorgify on.

    PHP Code:
    party I am Squirreling the target %touch him and you will get rabies!!!
    cast Transmorgify 
    Mouse-Over Heal
    PHP Code:
    #show Basic Heal
    [ctrl] @mouseover Heal Over Time
    [ctrlHeal Over Time
    [alt] @mouseover Big Heal
    [altBig Heal
    @mouseover Basic Heal
     cast Basic Heal 

    Slash Commands

    Called "Console Commands" in the game manual, slash commands can be used in the chat channels or even inside macros. They're called "Slash Commands" because they are preceded by a / when used. They can be used in chat by pressing enter then typing the /command. They can be used in macros the same way.

    We've tried to group these to make them easier to find. Commands may be found in more than one category.

    Remember to precede all commands with /. For example: /bow /chat /afk

    Chat Commands

    • # - Sends your message to chat channel #. Type /chatlist for channel numbers.
    • announce # - Enables join/leave announcements for channel #. Also /ann.
    • chat # - Sends your message to chat channel #. Use /chatlist for channel numbers
    • chatlist - Displays a list of all your chat channels by number. Use that number to chat in channels, ie: /1. Also /chatinfo and /chatwho.
    • guild - Sends a message to your guild's chat channel. Also /gu, /gc and /g.
    • join - Causes you to join a chat channel. If no such channel exists, will create a private channel. Also /chatjoin, /cjoin, /channel and /chan.
    • leave # - Causes you to leave chat channel #. Also /chatleave, /chatexit, /cleave and /cexit. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers.
    • lfg - Join the LFG channel. Also /join LFG.
    • party - Sends a message to your party's channel. Also /p.
    • raid - Sends a message to your raid's channel. Also /rsay.
    • reply - Sets your chat to send a message to the person who last sent you a tell (whisper). You can also use the hotkey 'r' without any preceding slash.
    • say - Sends a public message to all players nearby. Rather like talking out loud.
    • shout - Sends a public message, like a /say but much farther. Rather like shouting out loud. Also /yell.
    • tell - Sends a private message to the named player. Also /whisper, /w and /t.
    • tweetpic - Tweet a Screenshot
    • tweet - Opens the twitter interface.
    • unannounce # - Disables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Also /unann.
    • wf - Sends a message to your warfront team channel.

    Player-Created Chat Channel Commands
    These work in player created channels, not world channels.
    • announce # - Enables join/leave announcements for channel #. Also /ann.
    • chatban # - Kick and bans a player from a private chat channel #. Also /ban, /bk and /cban.
    • chatinvite # - Invites a player to a private chat channel. Also /cinvite.
    • chatunban # - Unbans a player from a private chat channel. Also /unban and /cunban.
    • join - Causes you to join a chat channel. If no such channel exists, will create a private channel. Also /chatjoin, /cjoin, /channel and /chan.
    • leave # - Causes you to leave chat channel #. Also /chatleave, /chatexit, /cleave and /cexit. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers.
    • moderator # - Make a player moderator of the given private channel. Also /mod.
    • owner # - Transfers private channel ownership to another player character.
    • password # - Sets the channel's password, or clears it if no password entered.
    • private # - Make a channel private. People must be invited using /cinvite to join.
    • public # - Makes a channel public. Anyone can join who is not on the ban list.
    • unannounce # - Disables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Also /unann.
    • unmoderator # - Remove moderator permissions for a player in the given channel. Also /unmod


    Emotes are commands which cause your character to act out or "emote" a feeling. There may also be color text which appears in the chat box of those around your character. Some emotes run until canceled by another action.

    To use an emote, type / then the emote in your chat window. For example: /angry /beg /chicken
    • apologize - No animation. - Soandso apologizes. You apologize to [your target].
    • angry - You stomp your feet and act angry. - Soandso is furious. You stomp angrily at [your target].
    • attack - You act aggressive. - No Text display. , Same as /charge.
    • beg - You drop to your knees and beg. - Soandso begs.
    • bonk - No animation. - Soandso looks around for someone to bonk. You bonk [your target] on the head!
    • bow - You bow or curtsey. - Soandso bows. Soandso bows to [your target].
    • bye - You wave. - Soandso waves. Soandso waves to [your target].
    • charge - You act aggressive. - No Text display. , Same as /attack.
    • cheer - You cheer. - Soandso cheers. Soandso cheers for [your target].
    • chicken - You act like a chicken and giggle. - Soandso acts like a chicken. , Runs until canceled.
    • clap - No animation - Soandso claps. Soandso applauds confused.
    • confused - You shrug and look confused - Soandso is confused. You gawk at [your target] with a confused expression.
    • cower - You cower and tremble. - Soandso cowers. You cower before [your target]. , Runs until canceled.
    • cry - You cry. - Soandso cries You cry on [your target's] shoulder.
    • curtsey - No animation. - Soandso curtsies. Soandso curtsies to [your target].
    • dance - Causes your character to dance. - Soandso dances. Soandso dances with [your target]. , Runs until canceled.
    • emote [text] - No animation. - Soandso . , Allows you to create custom text emotes.
    • facepalm - You put your face in your hand. - Soandso expresses disbelief. You put your hand on your fact in disbelief at [your target].
    • flex - You flex your muscles, displaying your physique. - Soandso flexes. You flex at [your target]., Runs until canceled.
    • flirt - You flirt. You're pretty darn cute! - Soandso flirts. You flirt with [your target].
    • gasp - You gasp in surprise. - Soansdo gasps. You gasp at [your target].
    • giggle - You giggle. - Soandso giggles. You giggle at [your target].
    • grin - No animation. - Soandso grins. You grin at [your target].
    • grovel - You drop to your knees and repeatedly kotow. - Soandso grovels. You grovel before [your target]., Runs until canceled.
    • hello -
    • help - x
    • hug - x
    • kiss - x
    • kneel - x
    • laugh - x
    • laydown - x
    • listen -
    • lol - x
    • no - x
    • openfire - x
    • point - x
    • ponder - x
    • pray - x
    • rude - x
    • salute - x
    • shrug - x
    • silly - x
    • sit - x
    • sleep - x
    • smile - x
    • talk - x
    • tease -
    • thank - x
    • tickle -
    • wait - x
    • warmhands -
    • wave - x
    • yes - x

    General Commands

    • abilitybar - Selects a specific ability bar page from your main bar.
    • afk - Sets your status as "Away from keyboard". Message is optional.
    • alias - Allows you to create an alias for your commands.
    • camp - Logs your character out and takes you to character select.
    • cancelbuff - Cancels a buff by name.
    • cast - Casts a spell by name.
    • clearfocus - Clears a focus set by the /focus command.
    • combatlog - Brings up the combat log.
    • dismount - Causes you to get off your mount.
    • dnd - Sets your status to "Do not disturb". Message is optional.
    • duel - Starts a duel.
    • dungeoninfo - Displays dungeon information.
    • equip - Equips named item.
    • equipslot -
    • filter - Toggles the harsh/adult language filter on and off.
    • focus - Sets your focus to the named player or NPC.
    • friend - Adds the player to your friend list.
    • help - Lists available slash commands.
    • inspect - Allows you to see the player's equipment.
    • loc - Gives your location coordinates.
    • macro - Brings up the macro window.
    • motd - Displays the Message of the Day
    • played - Shows your time played.
    • pvptoggle - Toggles your PvP flag on and off.
    • random # - Rolls a random number chosen between one and the number specified.
    • report - Reports the named player.
    • return to spawn - Returns you to the graveyard if you are dead.
    • role # - Changes your role.
    • startattack - Starts melee auto-attack.
    • startrangedattack - Starts ranged auto-attack.
    • stopattack - Stops your attack.
    • stop casting - Cancels casting.
    • target - Selects the player or NPC.
    • targetexact - Selects the exact named NPC or player.
    • targetmark - To target the marked target specified by
    • time - Displays both server and local time.
    • version - Displays the current RIFT version.
    • who - Opens the social window.

    Guild commands

    • dumpguild - Creates a file with the entire guild roster on it.
    • gleave - Leave the guild.
    • gkick - Remove a player from the guild.
    • glog - Brings up the guild log.
    • gsetmotd - Sets the guild Message of the Day
    • gpromote - Promotes the named guild member to the designated rank.
    • gsetnotes - Changes the Guild Notes message.
    • guild - Sends a chat message to the guild channel.

    Party & Raid Commands

    • assist - Target's your target's target.
    • clearallmarks - Clears all target marks
    • dumpraid - Creates a file named that lists raid members.
    • invite - Invites named player to your party. Leader Only.
    • kick - Removes named player from your party. Leader Only.
    • leader - Transfers party leadership to named player.
    • mark # - Mark a target with a number.
    • partyleave - Leave your party.
    • raid_create - Create a raid. Creator will become raid leader.
    • raid_disband - Disband a raid. Leader only.
    • readycheck - Opens a ready window for all raid/party members to confirm readiness.
    • resetinstances - Resets an instance.

    Pet Commands

    • petaggressive - Sets your pet to attack anything that comes into it's range.
    • petattack - You pet will attack the current target.
    • petcast - Your pet will cast the named spell.
    • petdefensive - Your pet will only attack when attacked.
    • petfollow - Your pet will follow you.
    • petname - Names your pet.
    • petpassive - Your pet will do nothing, even if attacked.
    • petstay - Your pet will stay at it's current location.

    Miscellaneous Commands

    The codes below only use a preceding / when indicated.
    A note on "% codes": you can use a series of "% codes" that expand into various pieces of information. These are also useful when creating macros. Editor's Note: Check for caps-specificity
    • /exportui - Exports your UI, chat and macro settings to a file.
    • /importui - Imports your UI, chat and macro settings from a file.
    • /exportkeybindings - Exports your keybinds to a file.
    • /importkeybindings - Imports your keybinds from a file
    • /tweetpic - Tweet a Screenshot.
    • /tweet - Opens the twitter interface.
    • %o - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
    • %p - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
    • %s - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
    • %t - Returns the name of your current target.
    • @focustarget - Cast a spell at a target of a focused target.
    • @Lasttarget - Cast a spell on the last target before your current target.
    • #show "ability" - Causes the macro to inherhit the icon and ability icon of the skill.

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