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    Rift - Bait and Switch Experience Quest Glitch

    This glitch will give a chance to get 596 xp over and over and over.

    Go to Scarwood reach and get the quest Bait and Switch

    Quest Bait and Switch short description:
    Use the Squirrel Steak Bait to summon Icka the Ill Toothed and kill her. Afterwards, bring Icka's Hide to Serge Iakov.
    Walkthrough: Once you get squirrel meat, just heal over to the big tree stump that is marked on your map and use the quest item to summon a 31 cat. She's easily put down and there are no adds that clutter combat. Just collect Icka's Hide and turn in.

    Then go to the spot where you'll use Squirrel Steak Bait

    kill Icka the Ill Toothed.
    Don’t loot her, or you wont be able to summon her again.
    Then use the Squirrel Steak Bait again and summon her and kill her.

    There isn't any cooldown at the Squirrel Steak Bait, so the only thing that determine your exp pr. min is your speed to kill her.

    Just too sum it up.
    1. Get quest and go to the summon spot.
    2. Summon her, kill her but DON'T loot her.
    3. Do step 2 until your fingers hurt

    The ability to summon her won't disappear if you loot her. You'll have to find the Squirrel Steak Bait in your bag and drag it to your action bar.
    by shaddydxd

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