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    Rift Assist Macro

    Very important, as in every game we play, you must have a macro like this ready and working!

    Below you can find how to make the assist macro. This macro is instant, no delay or switching back and forth. It directly assists your main assist. The only downside is that you will have to change name every now and then. But since you can make multiple macro's and we work alot with the same main assisters, this shouldnt be much of a problem.

    Step 1.
    Press Escape or hit the Options button to bring up the menu.

    Step 2.
    Hit the Macro button to bring up the macro menu.

    Step 3.
    Click the question mark to bring up the Icon window.

    Step 4.
    Select an Icon, I picked a crown because I was going to assist my King Ernesto! But pick something that stands out so you the assist button will be easy to find, preferably bind it to your mouse!

    Step 5
    Name your macro, so it will be easy to find. If you work with multiple Assistmacro's dont forget to include the name of the person.

    Step 6
    Creating the macro! its very simple, just type "Assist NAME". As you can see I thought you needed a '/' before, but that isnt really needed. (the game will remove it anyway after you hit save)

    Step 7
    Hit Save!

    Step 8
    The macro will pop up here in the list

    Step 9
    Drag the macro to your hotbar. Preferably bind it to your mouse or dump it somewhere where it's easy to use for you.

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