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    Complete Foul Cascade Dungeon

    In the northern reaches of Scarlet Gorge, high above the falls lies the location of the nest of the Gnar Queen. A nest of deadly spiders and other disgusting creatures is vile enough, but the Endless Court has conspired to bring corruption and death to these nesting grounds. Holding Queen Vallnara captive, the Endless Court has brought death and decay to the hatchery.

    Foul Cascade is a level 30 instance that is located in the northern section of Scarlet Gorge. The only way to access it is to climb the winding ramps to the top through many packs of mobs. This is the earliest level dungeon that is shared in by both the Defiant and Guardians. Each faction has two quests associated with the dungoen, not including the automatic repeating quest.

    Guardian Quest Information

    Corrupted Queen
    Quest Giver: Automatic
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Defeat the four bosses of Foul Cascade: Queen Vallnara, Krasimir Barionov, Matron Verosa, Surin Skenobar

    The Endless Court has conspired within this location to corrupt the gnar queen and hatch a legion of shadebound gnar. Kill those who are leading this effort, and the gnar queen they have bound.

    Orders from Alsbeth
    Quest Giver: Ivan Coppertooth
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Gather three pieces of Alsbeth’s Plan. Each piece is found on the altar placed by each boss.

    Right now Alsbeth is too powerful to confront, but The Vigil has sent the means to discover her plans. These heathens use Shade Bones to communicate with each other. If you can get your hands on them, you’ll be able to contact Alsbeth. The Vigil will mask your true identiy and Alsbeth will give you the answers we need to uncover her plot.

    Gnar Residue
    Quest Giver: Professor Whent
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Collect Earthstone Residues 0/4. Residue is found inside each Earthen Mound.

    Oh my, research was never this dangerous in Quicksilver College, well maybe during the fire festival.

    I’ve come here to study the demons known as gnar. But I’m afraid I’m more the search type, not some returned champion of the gods.

    If you could collect the gnar residue by destroying their lairs of Earthen Mounds, it would help my studies into the nature of these demons greatly.

    Defiant Quest Information

    Corrupted Queen
    Quest Giver: Automatic
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Defeat the four bosses of Foul Cascade: Queen Vallnara, Krasimir Barionov, Matron Verosa, Surin Skenobar

    The Endless Court has conspired within this location to corrupt the gnar queen and hatch a legion of shadebound gnar. Kill those who are leading this effort, and the gnar queen they have bound.

    Corrupted Rituals
    Quest Giver: Uriel Chuluun
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Offer the Hearts of a Mordant Pyromancer, Endless Bloodmender, Malevolent Necrothrall to the altar of Krasimir Barionov, Surin Skenobar and Matron Verosa respectively. Hearts are found on the trash mobs (shown above), by selecting the altar (shown above) a Shade will appear. You will received the essence from that Shade.

    I am trying to reconstruct the ritual that the Endless Court performed in order to bind this gnar queen so profoundly with their shade energy.

    I believe they bound powerful spirits to their altars in order to channel the proper death energy and if we can capture their Shade Essence, then I may be able to bend that power to my will.

    Heart of Stone
    Quest Giver: Dacia Ultan
    Location: Dungeon Entrance
    Objective: Destroy Earthen Mounds 0/4

    You have become highly skilled as a hunter. If you had grown up among the tribes of the Canyons, you would hav risen quickly within our people to an esteemed tribe member.

    We Bahmi continue to undergo trials throughout our lives and so shall you. The Earthen Mounds within Foul Cascade are worthy targets for a keen hunter.

    Foul Cascade: Spiders. I hate Spiders.

    Foul Cascade is different from any of the preceding, earlier level dungeons. The map is more open and you can go in any direction that you want. The dungeon consists of four bosses, three of which you will need to defeat prior to attempting the fourth. Any standard group configuration works in this instance as long as the tank can maintain decent multiple target aggro.

    As you enter the dungeon you’ll see two quest giving NPCs at the entrance and they will differ depending on whether you are Guardian or Defiant. In each case the quest are similar enough that you will be going after the same objectives, but in a different way. There is also a breadcrumb quest for each faction not included in this guide. For reference, each breadcrumb quest gives approximately 50% standard quest experience and offers no item or notoriety rewards. You do not need this breadcrumb quest to obtain any of the quests listed above.

    After obtaining the quest it is up to the group to decide in which order to defeat the bosses. You can either head to your right to fight Matron Verosa first, or you can head left to take on Krasimir Barionov. You will need to defeat all three in any case.

    As you work your way through the dungeon keep your eye out for Earthen Mounds, easily marked on your map in-game, for the quests Heart of Stone and Gnar Residue. You will need to defeat each mound to complete the quests for both Defiant and Guardian players. The Earthen Mounds spawn adds much like the mounds in Darkening Deeps. At 100% and 50% health the mound will spawn two adds, once the mound is destroyed it will spawn a larger spider for you to do battle with. Make sure your group is prepared before engaging even though the adds are not difficult in any way.

    If you are a Defiant player, keep an eye out for the three mobs listed in the quest description above for Corrupted Rituals. Each one of these mobs is located near the altar of each boss. Defeat these trash mobs and you will gain the heart you need to sacrifice to the altar. Make sure you clear one trash pack to the left of the entrance and kill a Mordant Pyromancer for his heart. You will need this for the third boss in this guide.

    There are trash packs scattered throughout this zone, some have casters or other ranged attackers. Some are swarms of non-elite mobs. What you do have to watch for are local wandering mobs that are quite large. They hit hard and have more health than your standard trash mob. Keep an eye out for these guys as they will cause problems if you don’t see them coming.

    After considering all these you should be on your way to the first boss. For the sake of this guide we will be moving on to Matron Verosa first and work our way counter-clockwise through the zone. Please note, there will be an Earthen Mound on your left prior to reaching Matron Verosa.

    Matron Verosa

    Matron Verosa is a council-like fight where she has two friends, Lesch and Gurze. The fight starts off with you engaging Verosa while both Lesch and Gurze will remain immobile. She will simply attack you and somewhere between 80% and 90% health she will gain immunity. At this point Lesch will now move out to attack. One thing to note is that you should not tank Lesch near Matron Verosa as she will attack you if you are within melee range. As soon as Lesch is free, position yourself away from Verosa.

    Lesch is an easier fight. She has one ability called Staggering Blitz that will hit people at range. If you have everyone stack up near her, you will easily be able to avoid extra damage. At 50% Lesch will gain immunity and Gurze will become active.

    Gurze has an ability called Rending Cleave so the tank will have to turn him away from the rest of the group. He will also gain the buff Endless Rage that will make him hit harder. However this buff does slow him down so the tank will be able to kite him around if you can not survive his melee hits. Once you get him down to 50% both Gurze and Lesch become active and attack you at the same time.

    The best strategy is to take down Lesch first as she does damage to people at range. However if you have more melee players in your group, Gurze may be the smart choice. In any case, the both have the same abilities as when you fought them separately. Stay closer to the bosses and avoid the cleave and you will defeat them both.

    Once Gurze and Lesch are dead, Matron Verosa will now attack you. She has two abilities, Ebon Bolt which is a single target direct damage attack and Death Storm. Death Storm is a targeted AOE spell. It will be cast on a single target, usually the player with the second highest threat, and that will be the center of the AOE damage. There are two ways to either mitigate or avoid damage altogether; either spread out to avoid the AOE blast, or you can line of site (LOS) the spell. Death Storm has a long cast time so you will have the chance to run around a nearby rock and interrupt the spell. This last part of the fight is the easiest, so work together as a group and it should be a win.

    After defeating Matron Verosa you will now be able to interact with the altar for both the Defiant and Guardian quests. As a Defiant you should have seen and looted a Malevolent Necrothrall already. If you haven’t find one and head back to the altar.

    Follow the path south, over a bridge, and you will see an Earthen Mound on your right. Shortly after, Defiant players should take note that there are Endless Bloodmender’s in this area as well. Make sure everyone get a heart. At the southern portion of the zone you will find the second boss, Countess Surin Skenobar.

    Countess Surin Skenobar

    The Countess is an annoying fight, though quite easy if you can keep everyone properly healed. She has three abilities that you need to take note of; Shrapnel Blast, a instant cast DD attack, Void Charge, a longer cast time DD attack that can be interrupted and Hail of Bullets. Hail of Bullets is an attack where the Countess will teleport five times targeting random people in your group and attacking them. If all the DPS players in your group have a ranged build, it will help maintain dps throughout this phase.

    That’s the whole fight. She will cycle through all of those abilities until you defeat her. Keep everyone healed and it should be an easy win.

    Once finished and have worked the altar for the second portion of your quests, continue on your way to the east, following the path. There will be two Earth Mounds ahead of you. The first in unmarked on the map and on your left as you make the bend in the path. The second is on your right, easily seen next to the path, and also marked on your map. Clear your way through and you should reach the third boss in no time.

    If you have not found a Pyromancer Heart by the time you’ve reached Krasimir Barionov, there are two Pyromancer’s near the entrance to the zone.

    Krasimir Barionov

    The third boss in this instance is probably the hardest next to Matron Verosa. Before engaging Krasimir, he will turn into undead lich looking kind of guy however he will stay immune to damage. Stand back and position yourself as he will now begin to summon waves of undead mobs to attack you.

    The First Wave: He will summon five non-elite Animate Corpses. Make sure your tank picks them all up.
    The Second Wave: He will then summon three Reconstructed Corpses that are elite.
    The Third Wave: He will then summon two Reconstucted Abominations that are also elite, but are more difficult that the Reconstructed Corpses. Krasimir will periodically buff one of them with a buff called Binding of Power that will increase attack speed. You will be able to see this affect since it will cause the mob to grow. The best strategy is to make sure you kill the buffed add first.

    Once you have defeated all three waves you will then face Krasimir Barionov himself. Krasimir has three attacks that you have to keep an eye out for. The first is Void Bolt wish is a DD cast spell. The second is Dark Touch with is an targeted AOE DOT that can be dispelled. The DOT is casted on one targeted player and it lasts 15 seconds. Everyone around that person is affected by the same DOT for 10 seconds. The third ability is called Shout of Rage with is a PBAOE (point blank area of effect) knockback.

    The boss mechanics themselves aren’t very difficult. If you stay spread out, your healers dispel the DOTS or maintain group healing, and you keep the boss pointed away from the rest of the group you are almost assured success.

    You should of already noticed the large Death Rift in the center of the zone. This is the location of the fourth boss. Now that you have destroyed all three bosses you will now be able to complete the Rift Event in the center. Once there clear out any wandering mobs, typically the larger elite mobs mentioned earlier and get ready for the last boss fight. When you enter the rift affected area you will notice your Rift Event notice pop up giving you an objective to complete.

    In the center of the Death Rift you will be able to see Queen Vallnara trapped inside a death-energy cage. In order to break down the barrier and defeat her you will need to destroy the three death idols surrounding her. Something to note, if you haven’t defeated each of the three bosses in the instance you will not be able to defeat the death idols. Take down each of the three idols, in any order, and the barrier/cage will be taken down and Queen Vallnara will be set free. Do not worry, if you are not close to her, she will not engage you. She will begin wandering around the center of the map.

    Queen Vallnara

    This is the last boss fight of Foul Cascade and it’s not that difficult. The Queen has three attacks. The first is called Corrosive Bolt which does direct damage and apply a damage DOT to the target. The second attack is called Corrosive Ichor which is a ground based AOE. You will easily notice it as it’s a giant bluish purple circle on the ground. Make sure the tank moves the boss out of the ground effect. The third attack is called Foul Gestation. The Queen will randomly charge a player in your group, stun them, and apply a DOT. Once the DOT runs it’s course it will spawn a Gnar Hatchling.

    The fight will consist of the tank moving out of the ground based AOE attacks and picking up the adds from Foul Gestation. There should not be more than two AOE ground effects down at the same time. If you keep everyone up and healthy and everyone remains aware, the fight should go smoothly.

    RIFT - Foul Cascade (La Cascade Infecte) PoV Warrior Tank

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