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    Rift Deepstrike Mines Dungeon Walkthrough (Full Run)

    This is Deepstrike Mines the second dungeon found in the Defiant zone of Stonefield, a level 24-26 Dungeon. The instance is a little challenging at the minimum entry level which is good to see, a nice challenge for a group at the minimum level. Hope you all enjoy.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4
    This is the last of the 4 part series on Deepstrike mines, it will focus on the last boss the Gatekeeper. Basic strategies on what to lookout for, how to react to the mechanics and what we did to defeat this boss. Hope you all enjoy!

    Full Run
    Note: FYI - The final boss was a wipe due to my mis-managing of mana, so I stepped down for the higher lvl player can heal and I dps'd. Very mana intensive fight if people other than the tank takes lots of damage

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