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    So you wanna play Rift solo? (For beginers)

    Hello all, as the title hinted towards this is going to be a very brief guide on how to play Rift solo. This is a fairly common issue, players want to play Rift, want to really enjoy it and get into the game, however the game is structured and the difficulty is tuned so that most of the content after level 40, and even some before then, requires or at least is far easier with more then one person, and it is far quicker to level with a group of people.

    However, most/many players struggle to find a group that will play with them till they are level 50-60.

    Im going to help you get around that.

    The simplest way to play Rift solo is to go necromancer mage, focus on getting lesser skeltal knight and then later greater skeletal knight. these are the pets you can summon that will tank for you. They make incredibly effective tanks, and allow you to face groups of enemies, and tougher enemies, as you yourself are able to focus entirely on pumping out damage and letting your pets soak up the beatings.

    Next is soul purge, this will be your bread and butter spell, cast your pet (greater or lesser skeletal knight) and then cast soul purge on whatever you're fighting, and keep recasting it, the cooldown is lower then the channel time so you should be able to constantly have it up. This spell deals decent damage to them constantly, AND it heals your pet for a portion of the damage delt, with decent stats you can have your pet tank enemies 20-30 levels above you and through patience and effort still kill them.

    Builds, simple enough, prioritize in following order 1) Int, 2) Endurance, 3) Wisdom, 4) Spell DMG

    The Reason for the build is simple enough, Int, Wis, and Spell DMG all make you hit harder, which is always a plus, especially since mages are 110% of the time the DPS in a group (we'll get to integrating your solo build into group play towards the end of this guide). What makes your priorities different from a mage playing with other players, is the endurance, you are going to want some endurance because accidents will always happen, glitches wil always happen, so being able to absorb a hit or two before dying can make the difference between wiping a solo-dungeon and just taking a minute to consume something and regain some health.

    When you get the opportunity i strongly advise you do go talk to other players, most of the community are very nice, and they will help if you are polite to them and not being a total jerk.

    Finally, integrating into multiplayer life. First and foremost, follow the leader, in my experience rarely the DPS mage HAS to be leader, sometimes they are, but often enough the tank or a mage will take that role. Secondly, make sure you do have the summon skeletal zealot or stalwart or revenent abilities, as most groups will want their tank to be absorbing damage, and unfortunetly our trusty pets get in the way of that, so switch to a DPS pet, if the group tank is doing their job right you wont take any more damage then normal, and the extra DPS from the pet will be appriciated by all of the party. Third, and finally, Rift is a game, you will fail a raid or a dungeon once in a while, and occasionally you will run into trolls and *******s, it happens. Try to take it with a pinch of salt, keep in mind most of the community isn't like that, and dont let someone ruin the game for you.

    I hope my guide helped you if you needed it, i hope you learned something new if you didnt think you needed the guide, and i hope to see you all alongside me eventually
    IGN: Pyriclancaster, MrHorseington (2 characters, 1 account)

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