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Thread: Pointers for CE

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    Pointers for CE

    I've been using Cheat Engine for the past four days on Requiem. I'm rather familiar and unfamiliar with the whole thing. I've used CE for multiple things before, but nothing like a MMO. I've found the attack speed and walking speed and was able to edit them. However, their addresses ALWAYS change, so I have to relocated the new addresses and save them for that day, unless I don't close out the game, but I don't have my computer on all day and night for a MMO. So, I've looked up some tutorials that would try to explain to me how to find the addresses and pointers. Yet, anytime I try using CE to attach the debugger and have it search for the pointers, it doesn't find anything.

    Can someone help me by directing me to a better tutorial or explaining it better with images. Please and thank you.


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