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    Question Teleportation hack with CE

    Hi everybody!
    I'm new on this website and I would appreciate if someone can help me find the coordinates' adresses.
    I tried many times to find them by:
    - moving in the positive/negative directions of axes
    - scanning for increased/decreased values,
    but for example: when I'm on coord.: "714,.." and 1563,..", I can find these values, but there are 20 of each with the same values, so there are about 70-80 values total (after 15 mins of searching). I can see 3 types of values: X, Y, and maybe a vertical coordinate about 5-9.
    But when I start to try finding the pointers ("what write to this adress"), instead of 1 adress, there is an increasing number in the upper-left corner, under "Count" what will doesn't want to stop.
    I don't know if this is a good idea or not, and I know there's a teleport hack already. I just can't download anything, so a decided to ask for professionals' help.
    What do you think, could this method be successful? (By the way, sorry for my bad english and I'm a beginner at hacking.)
    Thank you in advance for the reply(-ies)!

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