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    Edited weapons Requiem 2011

    hi guys, i'm new on the forum, however i have a thing that share with you

    well I have proof that there are edited weapons in the requiem , and more and more that circulate on the game, i had this sword in my pj before update the S3 (requiem of memento mori), Hammerin server (USA) besides the Sword came to me through an unbound Xeon (trade item binds on acquiere xeon) and there was no problem during the transaction ... the rumor of that could not modify or duplicate the weapons is false, because there are many people who have succeeded modifying weapons like launchers, Staffs, Swords, etc.

    Now, the problem is that after the update, the gun disappeared from the account and to date (14/10/2011) does not know what happened ...

    in this sense, also wanted to say that the gun can create and duplicate with a special code that have in the game (that I don't know), that for every weapon there is a different code.

    i'll be grateful if you could offer help on a project to develop an editor of armor, weapons, accessories, etc, and with this to know more about the great hidden secrets of the game ...

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