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    How to Avoid Some Boss AoE's/Multitarget Attacks

    Since attacks have a finite amount of targets, raid parties can avoid damage from AoE's/Multitargets by obtaining many non-player targets. When each party member has two other targets, the chances of taking damage on your toons is significantly lowered. This can be extremely important to raids like AoS and ET!

    Obtaining & Non-player Targets:

    1. Go through the daily premium dungeon and trigger the rocks until you get a golem
    2. Have temperion mercenaries from quest line Alpha Testing Temperion (starts at lvl 10) or from mall
    3. Have domi's in the party
    4. Have avengers in the party

    (You need to have the pets, golems, and mercs attacking your target!)

    This method can also be used in PvP to survive/escape defilers' ToS and general AoE's.

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