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    CE Requiem All around shooting and Casting Speed Hack [Detailed]

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so don't get mad if it will not be as interesting as ADACH or Dwar ones
    I want to give more detail and make something clear about the CE instant tweaks in RQ, cause as I read the old guides they look a little bit out-dated. Let's begin, shall we?

    First of all: Start the game, log in, select champ.
    Open CE(I am using 6.3 version) and load Requiem.exe process.
    Next Choose Value Type: String and write the wanted skill name (case sensitive) (I used Vampiric Touch).

    Next what you got to do is go through the address list and "Browse this memory region" (I use CTRL+B makes it fairly quicker). In the popup window what you want to see is your skill name on the right side of the window and a bunch of zero values.

    What you do then is scroll down a little bit and when you see the first values:

    Now in the above image you see values, which I should probably explain:
    01 is the skill level, do not change this one.
    3F value is the value of the shooting, when you double click on it it will give value of 63 of byte to change it to all round shooting you need to enter 255 (FF). Now that you got all round shooting let's reduce the skill casting time:
    the third value in the picture is skill casting speed. To change this one you need to select the value 00 two lines down and change from 1 byte to float and it will show you the current casting speed time. I read some articles, which said to change it to 0,4 (which didn't work for me), but when you change it to 0,6 it got me from 1,5 to 0,6 casting speed. Last value in this guide is Cooldown time. Go 4 columns forward and click the other 00 value and change to float again it should show you the current skill cooldown time value mine was 27 (which is exactly the same value in seconds). I tried to alter this, but unfortunately even thought the cooldown time was 1 second the server kept on posting that the cooldown time has not elapsed yet.

    Hope you can make use from all-round shooting and cast time reduction. Post in this thread if you have further questions.

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