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Thread: Assassine Build

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    Assassine Build

    Short guide for Assassine

    I know theres not anouth poins to skill all of that skills i recomend but its your

    choise what u gona skill.

    Assassine is a pvp charakter but u can use the pvp guide for pve and it works fine.

    1: using swords is better then claws, full dmg=all (try swords +10 or +15 or more if u can). Use bow for pulling the monster from distance, sometimes u will hit them with crit shot and they lose 50% of the HP, stunn them and finish them with swords.

    2:You are a Auto Attack mashine, the only skills u use are the stun skills. There are not realy good Damage skills with Rogue so dont waste your points.

    Rogue Skills

    Quick Attack: very good skill for assassine, lvl 7 or 8 is anouth for 1.0 attack speed

    with swords. If u wanna hit faster with crosbow u will need it on lvl 10 and if you use

    the speed hack (it allows u to go unter 1.0 sec) your attack speed will be 0.8 with

    swords and 0.6 with claws and it rocks!

    Forward Dash: very useful skill for pvp also for pve. on lvl 5 u will dash 18m forward.

    u can use this skill to escape or dash to your enemy. only lvl 5 max it!

    Join Strike: low dmg / Movement speed at anemy -1m/sec. U dont realy need this

    but its useful if you fight vs long range class. u will need this on lvl 1

    to unlock Soccer Kick.

    Poison of Malice/Poison Arrow: bouth at lvl 1. You need Poison of Malice at 1 to

    unlock P.Arrow. Why poison Arrow at lvl 1? Becouse if u use the skill u will shoot a

    poison arrow and after that u will shoot a normal arrow, its a dobble shot and deals

    good dmg.

    Stealth: u need Shadow runner skill at lvl 1 to unlock Stealth. At lvl 5 your

    movement speed will be 80% but its anouth for pve. For pvp u will need it at lvl

    10..well i have it on lvl 5 and i think thats anouth but your choice.

    Soccer Kick: well this skill is perfect for pvp, at lvl 10 it debuffs the enemy and takes

    10 random buffs away....nothing to say max it. (if your playing pve only u dont need

    that skill)

    Fortitude: lvl 10 = +14% Critical attack rate. Only for auto attack dosnt work on

    skills. max it!

    Retreat: dash backwards to escape. for pvp lvl 5 / pve dont need.

    Stun Skills

    If your using the Speed hack from "Dwar" there will be an option that allows you to

    use skills without using Stealth and that means u can stun the enemy with all your

    stun skills in the row.

    Home Thrust: lvl 10 = all 3 sec stun, dont need stealth.

    Ambush: well this skills needs stealth status but with hack not! 6 sec stun (skill it if

    your using the hack and if not u dont need this skill)

    (Assassine Skill) Brutal Scud: yes yes yes lvl 10 max it. this skill will be your main

    stun and dmg skill. 30m dash to your enemy, stuns for 7 sec and kick his ass. (need

    stealth status but not with hack)

    Assassine Skills

    Brutal Scrud: lvl 10 max it

    Dual Wield Mastery: more dmg with swords/claws max it

    Blinding Attack: only lvl 1. need this skill to unlock Stealing Weapons

    Stealing Weapons: good skill if your fighting vs short range chars lvl 4-5 is anouth

    dont need to max it. removes the weapon from enemy.

    Spinning Edge: some ppl max it it has a realy good dmg output and dots. your choise


    Potens Forward Dash: Re-casting -15 sec. means u can use forward dash every 5

    Strengthened Dual Swords Mastery: max it for more dmg with swords/claws

    Extended Quick Attack: 2 mins are pain in the ass, every time u fight the buff is

    gone and u need to cast it again. add some points here if u dont like to cast that

    skill every 2 mins.

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