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    Reinforcement Guide

    Requiem Upgrade System – Reinforcing Guide

    Reinforcing is another way for players to enhance their equipment. This guide is all about how to reinforce your gear or equipment.

    Reinforcing Equipment

    Reinforcing equipment is the process of inserting Reinforcement Xeons into Reinforcement Slots in your equipment in order to enhance particular stats. Any piece of equipment can be be reinforced; jewelry included. The number of reinforcement slots available on a particular piece of equipment is generally equal to it’s level/10, rounded down (1 at 10, 1 at 15, 2 at 20, etc.).

    You may reinforce any combination of Reinforcement Xeons into your equipment. The only restrictions pertain to the type of Reinforcement Xeon used:

    * Weapon Reinforcement Xeons can only be applied to weapons and no other equipment.
    * Armor Reinforcement Xeons can only be applied to armor or shields and no other equipment.
    * All other Reinforcement Xeons can be applied to any piece of equipment.

    Effects of Reinforcing

    The effects of reinforcement depends exactly on which type of Reinforcement Xeon you used. A +2 STR xeon reinforced into your helm, for example, will bestow an additional +2 STR in addition to any natural or reinforced STR already present on the helm.

    A weapon with at least one Reinforcement Slot filled will display a glow around the blade or head of the weapon. The color of the glow is dependent on the type of weapon according to this table:

    Weapon Type — Glow Color
    Claw – Purple
    Crossbow – Red
    Dual Sword – Amber
    One or Two Handed Axe – Blue
    One or Two Handed Bludgeon – Blue
    One or Two Handed Sword – Red
    Staff – Turquiose
    Wand – Turquiose

    A weapon with 4 or more Reinforcement Slots filled will display a glowing rune around the weapon’s hilt. The rune differs according to the number of filled slots, and weapon type.
    A weapon with 6 Reinforcement Slots filled will display a larger, more elaborate glowing rune around the weapon.

    It is important to note that if you later compound an already reinforced item, all previous reinforcements on that item will be lost.

    Process of Reinforcing

    To reinforce an item you need the following:

    * The Piece of Equipment to be reinforced. Only items that have an available Reinforcement Slot are eligible.
    * One Reinforcement Xeon. Only one Reinforcement Xeon may be applied to an item at a time.
    * Basic Xeons of the item’s Grade. The number of Basic Xeons needed increases with the level of the item.The type of Basic Xeon needed is the same as the item’s Grade (Ordinary, Supernus, etc.).
    * Lant. Lant cost increases with the level of the item.

    Reinforcing is conducted through an Item Reinforcement Blacksmith NPC located in the major towns. To begin reinforcing right click the NPC and choose the “Reinforce Item” option. Insert the item to be reinforced into the first slot. Then insert the Reinforcement Xeon into the second slot, and the indicated number of Basic Xeons into the third slot. Take note of the “Chance” of success. After a successful or failed reinforcement the item will appear in your first open inventory slot.

    When reinforcing equipments.. you might want to use Reinforcement Success Rate items/ minus break rate/deterioration rate on the extra slots in the reinforcing window to ensure that you down waste valuable
    xeons etc. and end up breaking your equipment or deteriorating it.

    Regardless of whether a reinforcement succeeds or fails, the slot you used for that reinforcement will be expended. A failed result will read, for example, “0/1(-1)” if the item initially had 0/2 Reinforcement Slots and now has one failed reinforcement attempt. Unlike compounding, reinforcing an item can never result in the loss of that item.For repairing a failed Reinforcement see Reinforcement reduction.

    Compounding Reinforcement Xeons

    Reinforcement Xeons can be compounded to increase the bonuses they apply when reinforced into your weapons or armor. To do so requires any 2 compoundable Reinforcement Xeons, 14 Basic Xeons, and some Lant. The compounding is conducted at an Item Compound Blacksmith NPC. Success chance is “Average”. Failure results in the loss of all materials. Only xeons that reinforce the same piece of equipment (i.e. armor or weapon) are eligible to be compounded together. Previously compounded Reinforcement Xeons cannot be compounded further.

    When compounding xeons together, the order in which they are inserted into the Compounding Window will determine what sort of xeon you end up with. The primary slot and will always bestow it’s full effects on the final compounded xeon. The second slot will bestow roughly one third to one half of it’s effects on the final compounded xeon, depending on the particular xeon used.

    This table shows the results of compounded Reinforcement Xeons when used in the secondary slot of the Compounding Window.

    Reinforcement Xeon – Secondary Slot Results
    STR: +3
    STR: +2, +1
    DEX: +3
    DEX: +2, +1
    INT: +3
    INT: +2, +1
    CON: +3
    CON: +2, +1
    MND: +3
    MND: +2, +1
    HP: +30
    HP: +20, +10
    MP: +25
    MP: +15, +5
    HP Recovery: +3
    HP Recovery: +2, +1
    MP Recovery: +2
    MP Recovery: +1, +1
    Accuracy: +40
    Accuracy: +30, +10
    Critical Chance: +0.40%
    Critical Chance: +0.30%, +0.10%
    Damage: +4.0
    Damage: +3.0, +1.0
    Evasion: +40
    Evasion: +30, +10
    Physical Defense: +15
    Physical Defense: +10, +5

    Example 1: A +2 INT xeon in the primary slot and a +15 MP xeon in the secondary slot will produce a Reinforcement Xeon that gives +2 INT and +5 MP.
    Example 2: A +30 Accuracy xeon in the primary slot and a +30 Accuracy Xeon in the secondary slot will produce a Reinforcement Xeon that gives +40 Accuracy.

    Compounding Basic Xeons

    Basic Xeons can be compounded to increase their Grade to the next highest grade. To do so requires any 20 Basic Xeons of the same grade and some Lant. The chance of success and Lant costs increase with the grade from which you are compounding.

    Basic Xeon compounding is conducted at an Item Compound Blacksmith NPC. Insert 10 Basic Xeons into the primary slot and 10 Basic Xeons of the same grade into the secondary slot. Success yields 10 Basic Xeons of the next highest grade. Failure results in the loss of all materials.

    source: Requiem Wiki

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