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    Smile Requiem Leveling Guide Sea Server

    This is from Requiem Wiki... i tweaked it a bit so its more understandable. this is not a quest guide only a leveling guide..


    PHP Code:
    Levels    Questing/Mobs                          Map/Location

    -18     Questing
    -24   Questing/Libsehals                     Turba:Prison MineRoke Watchtower.
    20-27   Questing                                    Roke Watchtower 
    The quickest way to level up in the beginning is by grinding from level 1-30 ;
    • (Lv 1-23 at turba)
      • *note* Reinforce your lv 5 weapon to +30
    • (Lv 23-30 parness)
      • *note* Reinforce your Lv 25 weapon to +30

    (Dont forget to take the quest regarding your bags or you wont have any extra bags)

    Parness/Nova Lux

    PHP Code:
    Levels               Mobs to kill                                             Map/Location

    -32    Quest/Cambarids/Koont(Warriors)        Ruined Herek
    -34    Quest/Shamba                                    East Gherat River
    -34    Quest/Spera                                       Red Stone Valley
    -36    Urba Slaughterer/Urba Warrior            Surroundings of Ancient Temple entrance
    -41    Goblin Warrior/Hunter/Healer              South of Nova Luxaround Water Tower
    -45    Elite Crusader/AoE Urba                     North East of Ancient Temple/Rozen
    -49    Putrid Cambarid/Matarian/Ghoul          Wrecked Ship
    -49    Shamba Acolyte                                 Black Tower/Wrecked Ship(parness wrecked ship not Trifri)
    34-48    Crusader Soldier/Naga                        Ancient Temple (Inside deeper part of dungeon
    South Hammerine Wood/Trifri

    PHP Code:
    Levels    Questing/Mobs to kill                       Map Location

    -52    Forest Wild Boar/Machine Soldier
                 Night Seducer                               Trifri plains 
    (drop boar liver)/ Seawater Filtration Tower
    -55    DeadSea Turtles                           Southeast Sea of Death
    -59    PigHead Urba                                East of Hammerine Bivouac (drop Chewy Meat Lump)   
    60-61    PigHead Urbas                              Land of Discarded Men (drop Chewy Meat Lump)
    South Hammerine Premium-Dungeon/Treasure Dungeon 

    North Hammerine/South Hammerine

    PHP Code:
    Levels    Questing/Mobs to Kill                  Map Location/Mode of leveling

    -65    Blackhands                              AoE party grinding(Grell lumbermill)
    62-66    Black Spiders                           Solo AoE party(Cohen)
    62-66    WS (South Ham.)                     Party Solo(Wrecked Ship near sea of death)
    66-69    Volcano Robber/Mage               Solo AoE party grinding(Desert near Cohen)  
    66-69    Fire Saurus/Weak Bug Lava      AoE party/Solo if you got decent def 
    Alternatively you can level 65-69 in Treasure Dungeon in South Hammerine(Trifri) you need a decent party with
    a Tank/Healer/ and Nuker..(not advisable to solo unless you got an imba Set, self heal, damage aoe...

    i also removed the Normal/Elite/Nightmare tags on mobs.. go look for the mobs in game if its any of this three..just for the thrill..^^

    Its only up to level 69 coz on sea server the level cap is still 69.. but hopefully it will be increased soon.^_^

    This is not my guide i copied it and tweaked it a bit. its from requiem wiki...

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