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    Tutorial on How to reduce lag in SVS and raids

    I was on svs today and conducted a few test to reduce my lag.. I went from the state of "Lagging so much and unable or barely able to move" to "Much lag but I can still have a decent game; move and use skills with minimal freezing". Heres how I did it :

    Before joining SVS

    1. Go to game settings
    2. Set Resolution to minimal (1024x768) and full screen : OFF
    3. Put the following settings to OFF : Display Soft Image, Display Weather Effects, Grass Display
    4. Set Effects visual field and long range visual field to minimum
    5. Disable shadows
    6. Go to sound and set sound output to : OFF
    7. In hardcore, switch everything to off and No Blood
    8. Go to your desktop and press ctr+alt+del to show Task Manager
    9. In the process tab, right click Requiem.exe and change priority to High (Never set Real time setting because it will make things worse)
    10. To every process wich user name is the same as requiem (it would be your session name in fact) set the priority to its lowest. Except taskmgr.exe (very important or you will have problems using the task manager, change his priority to high)
    11. Since Requiem will be silent, you might wanna put some music on : set the priority for your music player to High, or the sound will be scramble due to requiem high priority.
    12. Dont forget to set everything back after SVS or a raid, proprity for every program you changed should be set back to Normal. Or you may experience issues. Restarting requiem might also be a good idea, to reset its memory cache wich always increase over time.
    13. Enjoy!

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    Thanks, will test it.

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    gravity added ability use pets on battlefields and pets just increase lag...
    if u need have pet on turn off collect items function - will reduce lag a bit

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    You can also use "Gamebooster" Look it up on Google.. its a neat program that can close unneeded applications/services that take up some of your memory.. Click the switch to gaming mode on the interface and your ready to go. Then after playing you just click switch to normal mode to return your computer to a normal state.

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