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    Newbie Guide to Battlegrounds

    So what is this Battlegrounds in Requiem Memento Mori?
    It's a 20-30 minutes Player vs Player battle royal arena. This PvP Arena is cross-linked with the other server. If you're on Valdes server, you can still fight with/against other players on the Hammerine server. There is no death penalty and unlimited respawns. You can fight solo (if you're strong enough) or travel with your comrades and defeat your opponents together.

    There is no shame to an outnumbered match or outnumbering your opponent, as each battle fought, new challenges will arise. It's up to how you choose to face it.

    Why should I join these Battlegrounds, what's in it for me?
    Participating in these Battleground is not mandatory, but it can relieve you of the monotonous questing and grinding sessions, giving you something else to do or play around with and to fully interact with other players not only in your game server, but players from the other server.

    Of course, you're also rewarded for your efforts. You can earn lants and experiences through fighting in battlegrounds. Refer to the Reward section of this guide for more information about the rewards.

    What are the available PvP Battleground modes?
    There is currently four types of battleground mode at the moment. They are Ion Mine (IM), Field of Contention (FoC), Theme Battle (TB) and Server versus Server (SvS).

    Ion Mine Battlefield:
    Is a 30 minutes, Capture the Flag style PvP. Your team must secure the flags in each of the sector to score points to win the battle. The team who has the most points by the end of the timer, wins. For the points to be increased for your team, the flags must be captured and hold. The points will slowly rise for your team. Defeating enemy opponents and activating/capturing enemy's flag will increase the team's score and gain you contribution points.

    For each flag captured, it'll raise the team's score by an instant 5pts and will gradually increase as time passes.
    For each player defeated, it'll raise the team's score by an instant 1pt per kill.

    You do not require to kill other players in this battleground mode to win, but you will need to kill to gain high contribution points. Main goal is capturing the flags, so a good coordinated team to capture/hold the flags can often time win against a team even with powerhouse players.

    A few good tactics is to travel in pairs and split up going after the flags. If you see a team member already ahead of you toward activating a flag, move on to the next one or stand guard. It's best to avoid opponents you cannot defeat. Wasting time trying to kill that opponent can result in a big point gap to catch up and easily put your team in a potential loss. If you have access to using a mount, you can greatly take advantage of it's speed in reaching and securing a flag. It's also a great idea to communicate with your team members and giving them heads up of your current situation or warn them about potential traps, incoming opponents, etc.

    The flag appearance is a statue-like monument. To activate a flag for your team, just move close within range and right click. You wil see your character in cast mode. Once the cast is completed, the flag will be on your team's side. You will see the flag icon on the mini-map change color to yellow. This means you or your team have successfully captured a flag.

    Please play with good sportmanship and do no spawn kill other players. As this is a bannable offense. All it take is a screenshot sent to support and your account may be temporary to perm. suspended depending on the # of voliations. While camping the other team's flag and blocking them from their exits is not in anyway a bannable offense, it is usually poor sportmenship and can demoralize the other team from having fun. This will usually cause them to leave/quit the battleground and causing forfeit games.

    Remember, it's not just only you that want to enjoy and have fun in Battlefield PvP. If the other opponents can't have fun, because they can't exit from their respawn point, they will quit and not bother to sign up for a while again. This will result in fewer and fewer Battlefield activities. So be a good sport and try and let others enjoy PvP as much as you enjoy it yourself, if you give them a chance to have fun, you will have more of your fun too.

    Playing in Ion Mine Battle Field earn you it's respectful points. These points can be used to purchase Enchantment Xeons from the reward npc that goes by the same title. They are easy to spot since there is one in each town and usually all the other battlefield NPCs are close. The items availabled for purchase still cost lants.

    Field of Contention:
    Is 20 minutes of purely Team PvP. In order to be victorious, your team must defeat the opposing team members as many times as it takes to reach 100 points in score or have the highest kill for the team before timer runs out. For each player defeated, 1 point is rewarded for the team. This means your entire team share a total of 100 lives. This does mean this PvP mode is not for the weak. If you are easily killed, you can be the result for why the team loss. The strong can truly test their potential in this mode, as the odds will be against them, even in an even match.

    There is no real tactics in this playstyle, but some tips and playing courtesy should be noted. It's a good idea to try and stick together with your group. Fall back as soon as possible if you notice you've been taking damage. There is also a small safe zone around both graveyards.

    Playing in Field of Contention earn you it's respectful points. These points can be used to purchase Armors from the reward npc that goes by the same title. They are easy to spot since there is one in each town and usually all the other battlefield NPCs are close. The items availabled for purchase still cost lants.

    Server versus Server:
    Like the name implies, it's basically a huge battle between the Valdes server and the Hammerine server. A maximum of 500 players from each side is allowed and the winner will be the server who can score the most points before the timer runs out or get 2000 points. There is also a special rage system in SvS which cause the team who falls behind on points to slowly get an increasing buff to make the battle more even.

    1 kill will award 1 point and flags will slowly give points over time. Flags cannot be capped by players below Lvl 50.

    There is 2 SvS maps: Ancient Ruins and Path of Norns.

    SvS battles are scheduled and the times can be seen here.

    SvS reward points can be used to buy the Truth of the Ancient Ruins ornament (also called SvS costume) which gives a boost of HP/MP and SR/LR Defense. There is also a variety of Xeons which you can buy to enchant your equipment.

    Theme Battle:
    TBs is also a scheduled battleground with a schedule. There is various maps and currently 2 different Themes. TBs has also the rage feature of SvS which will give an increasing buff to the team who falls behind to make the battle more even.

    The Union theme is similar to FoC and Ion Mine and requires you to simply kill and cap flags.

    The Strongest theme is more unique; you will need to buy (It's free) the Strongest TB gears from the Strongest gears NPC in each town. Those gears will give you a huge amount of stats and power and will almost make everyone the same gearwise; also, they can only be used in the Strongest TB and will not give stats when you're out. Be careful to not delete your normal gears when you get ride of these temporary equipments. The style of Strongest is a mix of FoC and Ion Mine too, just very different since you have special gears and the means to run fast or be immune to a certain type of damage by switching PvP ornaments.

    TB points can be used to buy various TB weapons which will greatly increase your elemental resistance (very wanted stats in PvP) and PB armors (gives no stats, purely cosmetic). Be careful thought, TB items are very expensive lant wise to reinforce and enchant.

    How are the Battle Point rewards calculated and what are they?
    Battle Point reward is base on your contribution.

    In each of the PvP modes, the higher your score at the end of a victorious battle, for each 1,000 contribution score, you will gain 1 Battle Point reward. So if you scored 21966 contribution points, you'll get 21 Battle Points. As for the defeated team, at the end of a defeated battle, each 5,000 contribution score, you will gain 2 Battle point reward or in otherwords, 2/5th of the winning condition reward.

    If the team forfiet the game, where there are only 4 remaining players left on one side of the team. That team earns 0 points.
    The team that wins from a forfiet game, will only be rewarded 30% of their maximum potential reward.

    For example, if you score 34,281 Contribution points. You would earn a maximum of 34pts if you won against a team that didn't forfeit. If they unfortunately forfeit, you will only gain 10pts.

    The maximum amount of contribution points you can earn is based on your level. Each level raises the cap by +1200 points for contribution.
    *Note: Basic and Premium users get a boost to experience and lants by 30% or 50% respectively. Events and/or other special bonuses can further boost the rewards up.

    Lants reward is doubled for Ion Mine Battleground games.
    Experience reward is doubled for Field of Contention Battleground games.

    Are we allow to use healing potions or special items in Battleground?
    Yes. All consumable items are usable in Battleground. Vendor Shop Potions, Monster Food Drops, Battleground Grocer Potions, Item Mall Potions, etc. Bring those aid items and use them wisely. You can use your mount and travel in any battleground arena as well. Mounts are very useful for Ion Mine Battlefield.

    However, Item Mall potions and AEDs are frown upon when used in a competitive PvP environment.

    Note: Event items like Green and Blue cakes cannot be used in Battlegrounds.

    Can any level join the Battleground PvP?
    There is a level bracket in which each players can participate depending on their level.

    Lv1 - Lv49 [Bracket 1] - Low BG
    Lv50 - Lv65 [Bracket 2] - Mid BG
    Lv66 - Lv79 [Bracket 3] - High BG

    *There is a one time exception to the rule. If you signed up when you are Lv49 and reached Lv50+. You will still be enrolled in [Bracket 1]. So yes, it is possible to see a player greater than Lv49 in [Bracket 1] BG PvP. This applies to other brackets as well, signed up during Lv49 and reaching pass Lv50 will still enroll you into [Bracket 2]. However, the next time that player signs up, they will be moved to the appropriate bracket.

    So where or how do I sign up?
    Signing up has been made much easier. All you have to do is look for the Battlefield icon, which is just right next to the Option icon. It's the 2nd icon to the very bottom on the right side of your screen.

    Clicking on it will bring up the Battlefield Interface window, which will show you Field of Contention and Ion Mine joining options, your win/loss, kill/death ratios. It'll also show how many are signed up and if there are any currently running Battlegrounds.

    You have 2 Battlegrounds you can sign up, usually Ion Mine is the more queued up Battleground. You can only sign up one of them at a time. You can either join solo or as a team. Read onto the next part for more detail explanation.

    I signed up for one of the Battlegrounds, but it's not starting for me?
    The Battleground requires a minimum of 5 players in each side to start, which is a total of 10 players. You'll will have to leave it up until there is enough players signed up for your level bracket to begin. While that can take sometime to start up, you can still go do your usual daily routine of questing, exp grinding, instance dungeon runs with parties, etc.

    The current avaliable Player vs Player size is 15 vs 15. You can sign up individually or as a team.

    For individual participation, you'll get added into the roster depending on when you sign up. Example, if you sign up right after a BG has ended, if you're the quickest, you'll be added to Team A. The second person that joins along will be added to Team B. It rotates back and forth to Team A and B until there are 8 players in each side. Once that criteria is meet, the battleground will start.

    For team participation, the team leader must sign up for the party. The party also must consist of player levels similar to the leader; Leader Lv47, rest of party members must be Lv1 - Lv49, if one member is Lv50 and over, your team will not be able to enter the battleground together. It will also require a slightly longer time to join, depending if there is an active Battleground that has already started. Example, if you're in a party of 2, and a BG is already underway (you check by doing individual participation, but want to join with a friend), you and your friend will not get the invite until someone else fill the odd gap currently in the active BG.

    Team A1
    Player 1
    Player 2
    Player 3
    Player 4
    Player 5
    Player 6
    Player 7
    Player 8

    Team B1
    Player 1
    Player 2
    Player 3
    Player 4
    Player 5
    Player 6
    Player 7
    Player 8

    Team A1 and B1 is evenly up against each other. A team of 2 player request participation invite will not be sent until Team A1 or B1 lost a member or has a member advantage over each other.

    If your team consist of more than 2 players, your team will not be able to join an already active Battleground. However, unless one side of the team loses enough players for your entire team to fill in the gap, then only will your team be able to enter.

    To guarantee your team participation in the battleground, it is best to form the party when a battleground had just ended. If a full party of 8 (Team A) signs up for Battleground, the only remaining spots to fill are the other side of the party (Team B ). Individual players can fill those slots (Team B ), it is not require for another full party of 8 (Team B ) to sign up to start the battleground. However, both side must have 8 members for battleground to start.

    On a special note, if a party leader Lv50+ signs up for Battleground in a party, any player lower level than the leader will follow him into his PvP level bracket; [Bracket 2]. This means a Lv1 can enter a Lv50 - Lv65 PvP. The reverse does not apply, however. A Lv49 Leader partied with a Lv69 will not bring the Lv69 into PvP [Bracket 1].

    What are some of the things to be aware about once we start?
    Once inside the Battleground, there is a 1 minute count down timer. This is preperation time for your character to buff up and adjust your equipment/shortcuts/skills. You will not be able to communicate outside of battleground map. Whisper and Guild chat is disabled for you. You will not be able to read guild chat, nor read and answer whispers. Players outside of battleground can still send you whispers. Guild members can still see you online. However, you will not be able to read any guild messages that they might've directly sent to you.

    Regional chat is still functionable in battleground, however, only accessible to basic and premium users. Using regional chat allows everybody to see your message, including your enemies. General chat obviously does the same, however, players within field vision will only be able to see your message.

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