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    Talking Modify Attack & Run Speed with C.E.

    Hello everyone,
    I started to play requiem again few days ago and I came across this website. I was an old member but due to inactivity I was moved to lurkers group and cannot do much of a thing in this forum.
    I was checking old hacks and guides for this game and realized that they were outdated or no one ever updated it, I thought of grabbing those programs and update them into today's Requiem version but since i cannot download i cannot do much, so I'll do what I can right now which is a tutorial about modifying your speed w/ C.E.

    For Speed hack

    1- Open the Game, login and choose your character.
    2- I recommend while doing these steps to put your game into window mode because it won't crash and it is much faster to alternate between tabs this way.
    3- Open Cheat Engine (I have version 6.3), click on the small computer under the File tab and choose the process Requiem.exe
    4- Now take off your boots and any equip that gives you speed boost, you should have a base of 5.0 speed.
    5- Go to C.E. and in "Value Type" choose "Float" and in "Scan Type" leave it "Exact Value".
    6- On the Search box you should type your default speed which is 5 and wait for it to finish the search.
    7- Now that you found the values for default speed you go in game and use a mount, I have one that increases 60% my speed so I end up with 8.0 speed.
    8- Go to C.E. and on "scan type" choose "increased value by" and put the difference between the first value you searched and the actual value of the game which for me was 8, so the difference is now 3 (8-5=3)
    9- Go in game and dismount so you go back to 5.0 speed, and do the same as step 8 but now choose "decreased value by.." as I now went from 8 to 5.
    10- Repeat step 8 and 9 until you get a list of 1 to 5 Addresses alll with same value.
    11- Now double click one by one and change the value to desire values (my advice would be to stop at 11 or 11, any faster than that you will keep teleporting back)
    12- After setting the desired value check in game if your speed has increased, if it has go back to C.E. and freeze the Addresses by clicking on that box under Active.

    That is all for speed hacking, now for attack speed you do the same, but instead of mounting and dismounting, you take your weapon of and put it back in.

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