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    Post Battlemagician/Druid Guide

    Hello one and all. Here is a guide I'm using for Xenoa Battle Magician and Druid Class.

    This guide is base on magical attacks. Also note this is based off of a level 90 druid, with 55 dna points which is using the level 72 destruction set.

    Onward to the skills.


    Lightning Chill Slash = lv. 1 Just filler to unlock further skills

    Natural Healing = lv. 1 Again more filler although it can be useful to help heal you or teammates

    Lightning Chill Throw
    = lv. 1 Main dmg dealing skill at first (love this skill <3)

    Absorbing Energy = lv. 10 + 7 points DNA(accuracy of absorbing energy. This will allow you to reach 100% success rate (80 from skill and 20 from DNA) to recover hp. You'll need to target a mob to heal yourself. However, the attack is physical based while the heal is magic based.

    Hydrochloric Acid Throw = lv 10 + 10 dna. Another great skill. This skill is AOE and will hit multiple targets. With the 10 points put into DNA, it'll bring the cool down to 5 seconds (Potens Hydrochloric Acid Throw)

    Flame curse strike = lv 5. Just a stun. Keep in mind you have to get very close to use it

    Instant healing = lv. 1 Next heal you'll get. Can be used on either self or friendly target.

    Raging strike
    = lv. 1 A physical attack skill. It'll give you a buff that will enhance your magic attack by small amount.

    Invisible arrow
    = lv. 5 A skill that has a chance to stun and can be used from far away. However you have to stand still to cast.

    Mysterious Storm = lv. 1 Next aoe skill that can target multiple mobs.

    Throwing waste water
    = lv 1 Another throw skill. Single target.

    Wave of healing = lv 1. Third heal you'll get. This one can heal both you and the target for a nice amount. Does have a small cast time therefore you must stand still.

    Now for the Druid Skill

    Rage of bugs = lv 10 + 10 DNA. Multi-target AOE with DoT. DNA makes it last 10 seconds longer.

    Approach = lv 10 + 10 DNA. Dash skill. DNA makes it have a 5 second cooldown.

    Armor mastery = lv 10 + 10 DNA. Passive defense buff. Helps you not be so squishy!

    Doomguard = lv. 1 Transformation skill. Immune to stuns.

    Staggering shout = lv 4. Doomguard skill A multi target AOE stun.

    Heavy blow
    = lv. 5. Doomguard skill. Physical attack that has a chance to inflict target with a stun.

    Inferno = lv 1. Another transformation skill. Immune to fear.

    Bleeding = lv 1. Inferno Skill. Physical attack with DoT.

    Double slash
    = lv 1. Inferno skill. Physical attack

    Storm slash = lv 5. Inferno skill. Physical attack that can hit multiple targets and has a chance to inflict them with a stun.

    Revenge of telekinesis
    = lv. 1 Physical attack. Has a chance to reflect short range attack.

    Robbing of willingness = lv 1. Physical attack. Has a chance to increase you physical defense.

    Promise of trust = lv 1 + 1 DNA. Defense buff for you and selected target. Will decrease the dmg taken for a duration of time.

    Gravity up
    = lv 6. PVP Only skill that can target multiple enemies. It increases the cast time of magic skills for all targets.

    Cry of will = lv 7 + 7 DNA. Skill that gives you and a target a physical and skill crit rate buff.

    Hopefully any new battle magicians going Druid route will find this useful. Happy hunting.

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