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    Beginners guide to Reinforcement

    You can reinforce almost all items, weapons, armour, jewlery etc. When you view the equipment stats it will show you how many reinforcement slots are available. The gloves below show that they have 2 slots available and both have been used.

    The number of reinforcement slots available on an item is the items level divided by 10, for example a level 35 weapon will have 3 reinforcement slots available (35/10 is rounded down to 3).

    Reinforcement Xeons

    Reinforcement Xeons are the red ones, the blue ones are Compounding Xeons. There are four types of reinforcement Xeons:

    1. Xeon Reinforcement Weapon.gif Weapon Xeons can only be applied to weapons.
    2. Xeon Reinforcement Armor.gif Armour Xeons can only be applied to armour.
    3. General1.pngGeneral2.png General Xeons can be applied to all items that can be reinforced, including Weapons and Armour.

    Reinforcement items can be compounded together to give even better stats. For example:

    1. "Magic Attack" Reinforcement Xeons give an additional 2.0 of magic damage when added to a weapon.
    2. If you take 2 of those and compound them you will end up with a single Xeon that adds 3.0 of magic attack to a weapon.

    The downside of compounding Xeons together (or any compounding) is that it costs and you risk losing the items you are compounding together. You can however compound different types of Xeons together.

    Basic Xeons

    To complete the reinforcement recipe you need the required Basic Xeons. If you are reading this guide then you will be needing the Simple Basic Xeons. They are the green in colour.


    There are several methods to obtain Simple Basic Xeons.

    1. Buy them from the Auction House, this can be expensive.
    2. Reduce items you do not need. You can do this several ways:
    * Go to the Reduction NPC, put in the item and pay the fee.
    * Buy the reduction tool from the Item Mall. That costs real money but you can reduce items for free. Another advantage of this tool is you can sell the excess Xeons on the AH and make lots of Lant.

    At higher levels you will need Supernus Basic Xeons. These can be obtained 3 different ways:

    1. Buy them from the AH
    2. Reduce Supernus items you do not need, they give both Simple and Supernus Xeons.
    3. Compound Simple Basic Xeons together. Compounding 10 Simple with another 10 Simple will result in 10 Supernus... or the loss of 20 Simple.

    Reinforcement Process

    Once you have all the required items:

    1. Visit the Reinforcement NPC.
    2. Select the top button.
    3. Insert the item to be reinforced into the top slot.
    4. Add the reinforcement Xeon to the left slot
    5. Add the basic Xeons to the middle slot.
    * Note: The right hand slot for "Improvement Xeons" has not been implemented yet.

    Failed reinforcements

    Sometimes the reinforcement fails, if that happened on the gloves above you would see text that says "Reinforcement Grade 1/1(-1)"

    To remove a failed stage you have several options, some are items from the mall:

    1. Reinforcement Reset Xeon for 100 mall points, this removes ALL reinforcements including the failed stage
    2. Reinforcement Restoration Xeon for 250 mall points, this removes a single reinforcement
    * I am unsure if it just removes the failed or the last reinforcement. So if you succeed, fail, succeed it may remove the last succeed. It would be best if you used the restoration Xeon as soon as you failed the reinforcement
    3. Supernus Revamp Xeon will reroll all stats on the item and remove all reinforcements at the same time. This option works on items that are compoundable and you run the risk of losing the item.

    Note: My advice, if you REALLY need that failed reinforcement it is probably less expensive to buy a new one from the AH and start fresh.

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    This is for enchanting dood... >_>

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    well... it does say "beginners guide" xD
    nice try pal

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    This actually helped clear stuff up for me xD i was wondering how the darn system worked.

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