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Thread: Bug Murket

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    Bug Murket

    Run the two windows , the first character throws second trade , the second does not take a push in Murka sits sell, accept a trade, we put all the money that there is, click anywhere ca moreover who pass the money on the second whom we sit fly press ctrl + h two times , we now have only a window sale purchase, purchase window put stubs on 9kkk click oK, we are asked a confirmation that the price is different, do not click on the second chare the trade press OK , and click OK on the first sets to sell , eventually sit sell stubs for the first 2kkk charom that all money given to , and the second sitting and buys 2kkk , but he will not buy because he asked in a chest of money, we gave them another enchantment , all will see that one sells and the other buys cheap and buy all the stubs .

    Sorry for my bad english.

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