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    How To Play SeaRO2 With WTFast for Free

    Hello Progamercity,
    As we know Playpark block every country except 4(CMIIW).
    This thread will give information how to use WTFast for free to play RO2 Sea.

    1. Download WTFast from its website (sorry cant post link yet)

    2. Create a new account

    3. Open RO2 Sea Client, Dont press start yet

    4. Open WTFast and Login

    5. Chose Ragnarok Online II in game section and choose Singapore in server section then press Play

    6. Press start on RO2 Client, Login, Enter your Second Password

    7. In Server selection do not select server yet, go back to WTFast and select "Back to Game/Server Selection"

    8. Select Server

    9. in Character selection screen go back to WTFast and press Exit

    10. Done, from now on you play with your own connection

    If you Have any question you can post it here

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