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    iRo2 Assassin Guide

    Hello everyone,

    I want to contribute my own thoughts about the Assassin in Ro2 based on the international Server. As I know the Classes are on SEA and iRo the same but who might know what will be changed in the future.

    So now to the first few things you need to know about the Assassin are:

    • He transforms into some sort of wolf-unicorn. Warpportal said that gravity works on a change. Currently it's said to be a shadow aura.
    • He gets a lot of crit at the endgame.
    • He can endure some damage but not to much.
    • His movementspeed is higher then anyones else beside the Beastmaster Tigerform. (without mount)
    • He can't use hiding while he is in fight.

    1. The Assassin himself.

    Okay now to the real deal. What is the Assassin actually good in? Like allready mentioned he can endure some damage but will never be as effectiv as a Knight, Warrior or Monk if it comes down to tanking.

    What he is really good in is dealing damage. Sure he doesn't deal the most damage, but he can cut off a lot HP of his enemies in a few seconds. Very often an assassin isn't under the top 3 DPS because he needs to dodge voids which Sorcs, Ranger and Wizards don't need to that often. Besides they can just move out of the void and keep going with the damage while the Assassin needs to wait for the tank to pull the boss out of the void and sometimes the boss just keeps standing at his position. So bosses love to troll Assassins DPS sometimes.

    2. His Stats

    The stats on Ragnarok Online 2 are sorta allways the same. The effects just change between M.ATK and P.ATK Classes. Some like the Monk and the Crescentia are M+P.ATK Classes. So these two actually get effects out of STR and INT, while all other classes either get effects out of STR or INT.

    So the Assassin gets the following effects out of the stats:

    STR = Attack Power +2, Parry +2
    AGI = Critrate +4, Dodge+2
    WIS = SP +10
    VIT = HP +6

    Vit got also the hidden Stat that it increases the regeneration of Potions. It's (VIT / 10)%. So if you got 500 Vit your potions will heal you for 150% instead of 100%. A Master Red Potion which is healing 1230 HP normaly will heal you then for 1845 HP. Same goes for the SP healing a potion does.

    2.1. His Builds

    Like every class the Assassin got also the standard builds. Those are:

    Those builds have their very own effectivity. Now I'll explain all 4 builds.

    2.1.1. 40:40:8

    This build is an balanced Build. It also grants a decent amount of Attack Power and Crit-Rate. Also it increases the Dodge-Rate a bit more then the 50:28:5 Build does and while Parry just reduces the taken DMG by 50%, a dodge negates the whole DMG.

    2.1.2. 50:28:5

    This build is a 100% Attack Power Build. Sometimes also named 100% DPS but is it really 100% DPS? It grants 10 more STR then the 40:40:8 build, but it decreases the Crit-Rate. If you ask me... In Late-Game you'll have around 2.5-2.7k Attackpower. 10 Str = 20 Attack Power. If we now also take the STR Buff of an Swordsman we'll be at 11 STR which are 22 Attackpower. Now we also add the Shadowform which grants us +30% Attackpower. Then we'll reach 28,6 (29) Attackpower cause of those 10 STR more. These are allways there. But for me Crit is way more important in Late-Game. Because a Crit is not +20 Attack Power or +40 Attack Power. A Cit is +100% Attackpower. So if you Crit and you got a Attackpower of 2.5k you'll actually attack with an Attackpower of 5k.

    For those who still think that 29 Attackpower non Stop are better for them then actuall Crit-Rate. Just keep going for it.

    Btw those 12 AGI less are 1,1% Crit-Rate on Level 50. Doesn't sound much? Mark of Genocide grants 2% and it's very usefull... ^^

    2.1.3. 28:50:5

    This build is an Crit Build. It reduces the STR by 12 Points and increases AGI by 10. Which are 0,98% Critrate. Again to mention it. Mark of Genocide increases the Critrate by 2% and is very usefull. There isn't much more to explain about this build besides it got 24 Attack Power less then the 40:40:8 build and 44 Attack Power less then the 50:28:5 build.

    2.1.4. 41:41:1

    This build is ignoring VIT and increasing STR and AGI by 1. Some people actually think VIT is useless but I think it is not.

    1 STR is 2 Attack Power and 2 Parry
    1 AGI is ~0,09 Crit-Rate and 2 Dodge
    7 VIT are 42 HP

    If you think about the HP needed for the Raids I'd take those 7 Vit everytime again instead of 1 STR or 1 AGI. Why?
    42HP + (VIP + Blessing)...
    VIP grants you +10% HP
    Blessing grants you +15% HP
    So 42 +25% = 52,5 HP (53HP)

    Sounds like nothing compared to the needed 5k, 6k, 7k for the different Raids hm? It's like ~1% of the first Level of needed HP. So are 1 STR 1% of the Attackpower of a Level 50?
    My Assassin got 2k Attack Power with
    RHD Weapon +0
    Normal Raid: Helmet, Gloves, Shoes, Pants
    RHD Armor

    So at this state 1 STR was just 0.1% of my whole Attack Power. Now with my PvP Weapon I'm at 2445 Attackpower and this 1 STR would be even less.

    Call me a noob, idiot, faggot or what ever but... THAT ONE STR IS SH*T compared to 7 VIT. ^^

    3. Skills

    So now we come to the Skilltree of the Assassin. I will just write down the Skills and the effects now and afterwards I'll just show you MY skilltree. Why? Because in my opinion... Every other Build wastes DMG. I'll also explain why.

    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: 0

    Available to use while out of combat. Makes you invisable. Reduces your movement speed by 40%(-20% per Level after Level 1) in Hiding State.

    Dark Illusion
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    Available while in Hiding State. Obtains 1 Combo Point. You're jumping beind an enemy and apply a critical hit on him while losing your Hiding State.

    Meteor Assault
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    AoE on 3 targets.

    Cloack Hiding

    Increases your movement speed by (10*Skill Lv)% in Hiding State.

    Double Attack
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 1sec
    SP Cost: 1

    Obtains 1 Combo Point. Deals Damage twice.

    Combo Training

    When ever you gain a combo point there is a (5*Skill Lv)% Chance on getting an additional combo point.

    Genocide Mark
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: 1+(1*Skill Lv)

    Grants you and all your party members (0,4*Skill Lv)% Crit-Rate.

    Cross Impact
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 8sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    Obtains 1 combo point. Attacks the enemy once.

    Shadow Fiend

    When using a skill that can obtain combo points there is a (4*Skill Lv)% Chance of dealing additional DMG of 22% Attack Power.
    Shadow Cloak
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: 0

    Increases your Crit-Rate by (1*Skill Lv)%.

    Cast: Instant
    CD: 10sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    Obtain 1 combo point for every target you hit with it. Dealing DMG to max 3 Targets infront of you.

    Shadow Fang
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 0sec
    SP Cost: 2+(1*Skill Lv)

    Dealing DMG to max 10 enemies arround/infront of you. Ammount of DMG decreases for every target you hit if you hit more then 3 targets.

    Shadow Armor
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 120 (-20*Skill Lv after Level 1)
    SP Cost: 0

    Increases your Armor by 50% for 10 seconds.
    P.s.: If you have 10% Defense Rate you'll have 60% while it's activ.

    Shadow Form
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 0
    SP Cost: 0

    Transforms you into a wolf-unicorn and increases your Attack Power and Movement speed by (6*Skill Lv)%.

    Shadow Strike
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 20sec
    SP Cost: 1+(1*Skill Lv)

    Obtains 3 combo points. Only useable in Shadow Form. Attacks the enemy three times.

    Shadow Explosion
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 20sec
    SP Cost: 2+(1*Skill Lv)

    Uses 5 combo points to inflict an high amount of damage. Deals damage to the target twice.

    Shadow Assault
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 20sec
    SP Cost: 1+(1*Skill Lv)

    Only useable in Shadow Form. You jump to your target, floating above it for a short amount of time and knock it down for 3 seconds.

    Deadly Blow
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 0sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    Consumes all your combo points to inflict an decent amount of damage. The damage will be increased by 7% for each consumed combo point adding up to a total of +35% DMG.

    P.s.: On Lv 5 deadly Blow deals an DMG of 25% Attack Power without using combo points. With 5 combo points it deals DMG of 60% of Attack Power. Not 25%(+35%).

    Dagger Throwing
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 8sec
    SP Cost: (1*Skill Lv)

    Throwing a knife towards a target.

    Poisoning Weapon
    Cast: Instant
    CD: 3sec
    SP Cost: 0

    Gives your weapon a 30% chance of poisoning your enemy. The poison will deal DMG equal to (10/11/12/13/15)% Attack Power every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.

    P.s.: The 10,11,etc are the % per Level. Also this effect doesn't work with Shadow Fang.

    3.1. What Skills should I take and why not the other skills?

    So these are the Skills of the Assassin. Now we come to my skill tree.

    It's this one:

    Now you'll most likely ask... "Why Shadow Explosion on 4?" Because there are not enough skill points and it can't be used as often as it would make me adding another skill point in there. BUT if you want to leave Shadow Fang on 0 you can max out Shadow Explosion. You ask why I'm not doing it then? Because I use Shadow Fang to farm mats and to help at the aoe's. Sure I could just 1:1 the targets while the other use AoEs but there are also targets which are silencing you if you are nearby, or which explode etc. There for Shadow Fang is really helpfull because it doesn't have a CD.

    So there are also people who use points in Dark Illusion. I don't think that's needed. You can't become invisable while you are in combat and you are allways incombat. No matter if it's at a Raid Boss or if it's at PvP. Also you got Shadow Assault. That makes Dark Illusion more or less useless.

    Some Assassins just use a 1/5 Poisoning Weapon... Ehm hello? Damage over Time without doing anything for it? [email protected]? Brainafk? Take it or you lose a lot of DMG...

    Other Assassins doesn't use Shadow Armor... 50% Defense Rate in risky situations... Hm... You are at 4k HP and you know the next AoE might kill you? Use Shadow Armor... You're at PvP and want to stand alive for a few more seconds? Use Shadow Armor. You are soloing and taking to much dmg? Use Shadow Armor. The CD on 5/5 is just 40 Seconds and you gain 50% Defense Rate for 10 Seconds. It's totaly worth it. Besides... Every death costs you a spinel in a raid if no Ress is up and a dead DPS is no DPS.

    So as you can see. This build is actually pretty logical.

    4. Runes, Cards, Buff Food and Pots

    A lot of people are saying you should go all STR and go for the highest Attack Power you can get but... I say no. Your Armor and your Weapon allready grants enough STR. If it comes to Runes, Buff Food and Buff Potions take Crit and AGI. If it comes to Cards I just say "Executionar Meister Card". If you can't get your hand on a Ratmaster+Turtle Assassin Set +1 Executionar Meister Card, then just take 5 Executionar Meister Cards.

    Now I'll explain why. We allready got to this discussion at the builds.

    1 STR is 2 Attack Power.
    1 Agi is 4 Crit(~0,09% Crit-Rate)

    If we now take it to the Point.
    You can get 6 Rune slots out of your Armor+Weapon if it isn't crafted Epic Level 50 gear. So you can use 6*5 Stat-Runes. That makes a total of 30 Statpoints.

    If you mention 30 STR it's 60 Attack Power. With the STR Buff it's 33 STR which makes a total of 66 Attack Power. Adding the Shadow Form makes it 75,6 (76) Attack Power.

    If you mention 30 Agi it's 120 Crit (~2,75% Crit-Rate).

    At Level 50 with just Raid Gear + your Buffs (7% Crit-Rate) you're at around... ~33% Crit-Rate and ~2,1k Attackrate. Now let's see.... hm....
    2,75% Crit out of 33% Crit are 8,33%
    76 Attack Power out of 2,1k Attack Power are 3,6%

    So you get way more out of AGI and Crit. Besides AGI also increases your Dodge Rate which is way better then Parry. Because like already mentioned too. Parry just decreases the DMG taken by 50% but Dodge negates the Damage.

    So I hope I could help you out if you want to create an Assassin and needed some help and explanation about the class itself.

    Best regards,
    Raised aka Vahritos.
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