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    free Ragnarok 2 bot - by daison3

    First of all I just want to share my free edition binary file with .ini configuration that you could use for botting

    About RO2Source DB:
    I am working with an RO2 Database(website) similar with RateMyServer.Net :: RO Database & Server Reviews and currently I need supporters to finish this project, this project aims to view item's information and drops by in which monster, monster's information and drops list and locations, offline auction to sell your items through the website, skill simulator and stat simulator that you could also save it[Server Side]. This project is for us RO2 Players it is not for me or for business related, but to give information

    About openRO2bot:
    I developed this because I want to finish up my RO2Source DB and as well to help others, I am uploading a trial or I call it "free edition" to test the program and give me some feedback, bug issues and more...

    Free Edition
    -Attack Monster
    -Using Red potions
    -Attack Round Robin = Loop your skills to 2times only
    ---ini file---


    Premium[Under Development]
    -Free Edition features
    -Buff skills can be use
    -Heal skill alternative to potions
    -MP potions if runs out
    -Attack Round Robin = Loop your skills to 5times

    Screen Resolution supported by as of now:
    ;size=7 ;for 1600x900
    ;size=6 ;for 1440x900
    ;size=5 ;for 1366x768
    ;size=4 ;for 1360x768
    ;size=3 ;for 1280x800
    ;size=2 ;for 1280x768
    ;size=1 ;for 1024x768
    ---If you want me to work with your favorite resolution but not in the list, then send your screenshot to my email.
    ---Before you take the "Print Screen button" I required you to make your game Full Size,must be TYPEVIEW=1 and select some monster's hp, so that i could add your screen resolution as soon as possible.

    Commands and RO2 Client Settings:
    @@@Game Settings
    -Control Center of Camera
    -Lock Camera
    -TYPEVIEW must be 1
    @@@System Settings
    -Full Screen(Wide)
    -choose your size from the available/given size number
    -keyboard[Delete] to Pause
    -keyboard[Insert] to Re-Start
    -keyboard[End] to Terminate
    -Login your account
    -Leave your character to Non-Aggresive monsters
    -Configure your openRO2bot_fe.ini
    -run openRO2bot_fe_x64/x86.exe
    @@@How to stop the bot
    -Click keyboard[END] key

    Windows Vist/7/8 Issue:
    -The only solution for your problem
    -Right click to openRO2bot.exe and click Properties
    -A window will pop-up
    -choose the tab[Compatibility]
    -check compatibility mode[run program for Windows XP]
    -check the privilege level[Run this program as an administrator]

    Contact Info:
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook Page:

    Revision logs:
    Revision Log | Facebook

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    when will the link come out ?

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    I added now, please visit my fb page for any concerns or by posting up here about your problems


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