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    Red face Sorcerer Full Support Levelling and Healing Dungeon Guide

    I decide to make this guide because there is a lot of thing I wish I knew before I reach 50 as a full support sorcerer.
    I wish this guide helps a lot player that decide they want to be full support sorcerer.

    <<<Status Points>

    40 INT 40 AGI 8 VIT
    Why 40 AGI? Because we need critical to proc Earth Arms.

    <<<Card Choice>

    Look cards with INT, AGI, and VIT.
    Or at least INT and AGI.
    The best card so far is Poisona card (12 INT 12 AGI 10 VIT).
    If you don't want to waste too much zenny for Poisona card, Freyjanity Apostle card is your next option.

    <<<Skill Build>

    I personally don't use reset skill scroll, but if you have are able to buy it, i really recommend this build.
    Sorcerer Build 1
    The reason I recommend maxing JT, Wind Arm, and Cold Bolt because you'll need it for solo levelling.
    Some guide recommend only maxing Frost Diver and Lightning Bolt.
    But on some occasion Frost Diver will miss and you are screwed.
    Why not maxing Lightning Bolt? Because it's better to just spam Cold Bolt and look for Wind Arms proc and wait for JT CD.

    If you can't or don't want to buy reset skill scroll like me, then find a partner.
    I really really not recommend you solo levelling.
    Because it would be sooooo hard for you to level.
    I personnaly level with a Knight which is also my partner in dungeon.
    This is my build
    Sorcerer Build 2
    *I still have 5 skill point because meditation is still a debate whether it should be taken or not"

    <<<Extra note on skills (thanks to Panplan)>
    Before you change class to sorcerer your dungeon life would be so sucks because your role in a dungeon is dps but your dps is very low... I mean VERY low.
    And Panplan notice something about taking fireball for levelling (which also my concern when i was level 30 something) but FD + lightning bolt is better than fireball (just pray your FD won't miss).
    So just bear with it until you change to sorcerer.

    This is the order of leveling healing skill in my opinion.
    When you change to Sorcerer you will have a lot of unused skill points.
    Your first priority should be maxing HW, taking 1 LoR and 1 Deluge, and then maxing Rejuv.
    Next skill should be maxed is LoR > Earth Arms > Earth Shield > Soul Binding > Deluge > Meditation
    Why maxing Soul Binding first instead of deluge?
    Because lvl 1 deluge + lvl 5 LoR is more than enough to heal your party.

    - Healing Wave -
    Just keep spamming this skill because HW heal is kinda low and if you wait till the tank health drop, it might be a little too late.
    And the more you spam it, the bigger chance you will procs earth arms.

    - Rejuvenation -
    This is your "ow sh*t" skills.
    Be careful not to cast it on the wrong target.
    It is really important that you know the boss fight to make a decision on who you should prioritize healing.
    On some fights tank isn't your priority (for example Eremes Guile on Sandstorm).
    If someone can still survive with LoR don't waste it on them.
    I usually use it on party member who didn't get LoR.

    - Soul Bind -
    Some people choose to keep soul bind at level 1.
    But this skill is a fight saver.
    There are a lot of time when something goes wrong and resetting a fight isn't an option.
    I think all priest and sorcerer should max this skill and communicate for soul bind / resurrection rotation.

    - Deluge -
    This is your another "ow sh*t" skills except this is AOE.
    You can max this later because your party member health (except tank) isn't really high before they reach 50 so level 1 deluge is enough.
    Important note is don't force yourself to cast it near tank.
    Sometimes you just have to cast deluge on your range group and cast LoR on your melee group.

    - Meditation -
    'Till this moment i have no idea what this skill do.
    I'm just hoping it have background mechanism that we can't see from our character window.

    <<<Healing Dungeon Guide>

    If you are wondering why not just play as a DPS and off-heal in dungeon, because you need to "level" up your healing skill as a player.
    The important part (and the hardest part) playing as a healer is making tough decision in a split second.
    And you will only get that experience by solo healing.
    Some tips for LoR, use your LoR depends on your party composition.
    If you have more melee than range, use it on Tank.
    If you have more range than melee, use it on yourself.
    Tell the DPS to stand on green circle (sometimes you need to tell them, some people doesn't have any idea wth is that green circle).
    I have been using it wrong, because i compare LoR with Priest HOT (Renovatio) and always put it on tank.

    That's all for my guide.
    I really appreciate if anyone would comment and add some info.
    Thank you.
    *Extra note*
    Some player will doubt you as a healer, they will think priest are better.
    It's up to your skill to prove them wrong.
    Unlike priest we don't have instant aoe heal, so know the boss fight and decide on which group (melee / range) you should put your LoR.
    Keep spamming those HW and hope for earth arm procs.
    Know when and on whom you should cast Rejuv.
    Good luck and have fun playing as a healer

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