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    Post Share tips and Trick Dungeon and Raid

    Hey guys i want too share my experience kill boss and how to kill the boss.
    maybe you guys hard to kill the boss because don't know the skill boss

    Dungeon - Izrud Cave
    - Vadon King
    this boss is not easy in mode hard , but in normal is easy
    the monster can use skill AOE , and summon self destruct sandistar
    the DPS stay out range melle, keep tanker on . in HP 90k ( if RHD ) summon sandistar. best thing to do is run and not silent.
    keep try guys ^_^

    - Hydra King ( i forgot this name boss , so i gift the name like that )
    this boss , only tanker keep agro. and all focus
    easy this one, but in rage mode 30k hp ( RHD ) if you knight use shield fortress in 20k hp or dangerous

    Dungeon - Wolf Cave
    - adventurer king poporing
    keep close all in boss and use LOR to all member , keep hit. if adds spawn use AOE skill

    - King Spider ( forgot name )
    the dps range get nice spot, and careful the rage mode on 30k hp if ( RHD mode ) if normal, rage in 10-15k HP

    - Red Scar
    clear the adds first on left and right side . keep on bridge the tank . careful the AOE maybe stun too

    Dungeon - secret forest tomb
    - King Rats ( forgot name )
    keep close with member , use LOR ( sORC ) careful on 12k hp spawn too much adds monster

    - King Mushroom ( forgot name )
    just run from the boss if release gas , and fast kill if on rage mode

    - the raflessia ( forgot name )
    kill adds if spawn, rage mode on 30k hp.

    - king horong ( forgot name )
    keep hit best thing to do, avoid the fireball that's too much
    if you try to kill the adds fireball that's not good because very low damage to the fireball.

    - SEHHE
    keep hit best thing to do like before , avoid the adds.
    if you try kill the adds maybe the adds have a duplicate self
    so best thing to do is fast kill.

    - Moonlight boss
    the tanker keep run and provoke if you knight , good if you have the DPS range
    if the moonlight spawn the adds kill but keep tanker run and provoke.
    lure the boss if black hole release , don't any one in the black hole ( monster/ member party )
    if you do that the double damage if 1 people / monster in there, force multiplier if you keep the people / monster there.
    some time the monster will instantly explode so watch out your HP.
    maybe you get depression in here because so far to come again if you all die.
    keep try guys.

    Dungeon Abandon LAB
    - MK II
    just watch out your step. don't step on black hole if you do that. adds will come

    - the 2nd boss ( forgot name )
    this boss make you feel a sleep, kill the adds and boss done.

    - the girl boss ( forgot name )
    just careful adds boss. kill ADDS must fast to kill if you don't do that
    the another boss spawn and you will die i'm sure haha.

    Dungeon Hell of Deadly
    - Venomer
    just kill the EGG if spawn 3/2. and keep heal the tanker , watch your hp too.
    if too much spawn in hp 20-15k fast kill, if you slow the adds will spawn much and not dissapear although the boss die
    and you all run hahahaha.

    - Centipede
    the boss have AOE too much and heavy damage. so find nice healer and tank , run if release gas
    if you not run , the adds spawn 3 monster = 1-2second if you not run.

    - Ungoliant
    the boss have a skill web spider and you can't use your skill.
    so find nice range if the web spider release don't too far maybe the monster run if you use this trick
    on 60k hp the boss release adds too much just avoid that ( dissapear self ) and run make good range.

    - Maya Purple
    the boss make you sleep that's only my opinion. like a normal monster.

    Dungeon Fortress SANDARMAN

    - Dustov
    watch out on 40k hp maybe some one die instantly , and careful on laser ( random target )

    - Prophet Of Doom
    i always look people depression in here because 10k hp all die
    i have tactic just modification guys
    on hp 22k tell the Sorc use Blue Heal don't use on not time, and all hit fast .
    you slow ? you die. only that i can gift you solution.

    - Lapparman
    the boss will duplicate self and 3 monster
    best thing to do is fast kill on a real boss.
    if you knight / or party member knight use the shield fortress on good time ( maybe you think heal sanctuary or blue heal CD )
    keep try guys.

    Dungeon - GHOST SHIP

    all boss in here is easy

    - Drake and girl
    i have 2 tactic

    1. DPS make sure keep girl. the tank me a nice range and the girl can't heal drake. 4 people try kill drake and the girl die too if you kill drake

    2. kill girl first. after that rest first or continue kill drake

    i will post another trick guys , i hope you get nice solution my thread.

    Credit : Roeker

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