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    Wink Raknarok online 2 Swordsman Skill Guide

    Hello everyone,
    I make a guide to help you build swordman class in Raknarok Online 2.
    First,Swordman have a Good Atk, Can be a TANK in entire party, High HP and High Def but have Low Hit, depend on weapon/armor sometimes.

    so basically,what STATS should you make for Swordman???
    Well for me, your should add your stat according like this:

    40 str
    40 vit
    8 agi

    OR you also can

    40 STR
    30 VIT
    Rest to agi (since 10 vit will only grants you 60 more hp)

    STR - increase your Phy. attack and your parry rates
    VIT - Increase your HP
    AGI - Increase your dodge rates and critical rates.

    For Swordman Skill

    Bash 5/5
    max this skill since it is your everyday skill!

    Head Assault 5/5 or 1/5
    Max or leave this at lvl 1.

    Provoke 1 /5
    aggroing monster. leave it at lv 1

    Battle Orders 5/5
    10% str, max it!.

    Aura Strike 5/5
    Definitely max this. This will be one of your main attack.

    Wide Provoke 1/5
    just leave it at lv 1.

    Armor Aura 5/5
    this is a MUST have skill for Knight. 300% agrro, 20% more hp.

    Sword Aura 1/5
    Just leave it at lv 1.

    Magnum Break 0/5
    Dont waste spending your precious point here.

    Battle Manual 0/5
    same as above.

    And this for KNIGHT skill if u change to it,

    Aura Mastery 2/3 or 3/3
    go for 3/3 if you have extra skill points.

    Concentration 0/3
    Leave're a tank, there's no point increasing damage taken.

    Aura Heal 0/3 or 3/3
    max this if you want to heal yourself. Though, I recommend to leave this as 0/3 since even with full epic equipment, it only heals you up to 300 hp.

    Shield Charge 1/5

    Shield Boomberang 1/5
    Just to agro/kite monster. leave this at level 1.

    Aura Shield 5/5
    Max this. reduce 20% damage taken for 10seconds.

    Shield Boomberang Mastery 1/5

    Grand Cross 3/3
    your one and only AOE skill! max this!

    Shield Cannon 5/5
    the most powerful skill you'll ever have. MAX IT!

    Shield Bash 1/5
    just leave it at lv 1. This is to knockdown monster for 3 sec. Definitely useful in pvping

    Shield Fortress(5/5)
    your party buff. works greats!

    Well, I know that it's hard when you screwed up with your skill,Hope this will help you to plar Ro2 with easy/you can share your opinion guide skill here.

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