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    Basic Things about Guild in RO2:LotS

    Seeing there's a [Tutorial] for RO1's Guild.
    I took upon myself to make one for RO2:Legend of the Second's Guild!

    Guild Requirements
    Unlike RO1, to create a guild in RO2, you only need 20 zeny (equivalent to 20,000 rupees)
    Which can be easily earned if you followed through the main quests.

    Creating Guild
    To create a guild (or in the game's official term, found a guild):-
    1. First, you'll need to visit a city (as of today, only 2 cities' available, namely Prontera and Alberta)
    2. Locate the Guild Manager NPC "Kembly".
    3. Type your desired guild name and pay the fees (20 zeny).
    4. And you're DONE!

    Note: You can also access your Guild Storage (Skill required) and disband a guild through the NPC

    Guild Emblem
    The specifications for the Guild Emblem is largely the same with RO1's, with the exception of the dimension, which has been increased to 32x32 pixels (from 24x24 pixels)
    It should be a Bitmap (.bmp) format at 256 colours (8 bit)
    Example see below.

    It is to be placed inside the ".../RO2/Guild" folder. Create the 'Guild' folder if it doesn't exist.

    Guild Features
    The guild skills are largely the same with RO1's. Positions and such don't have much changes too.
    The only change is that the EXP Tax is now set by the Guild-members themselves, it's now called "Exp Donate"

    The Guild Window (Accessible via 'G' key) is attached below

    Leaving Guild and Disbanding Guild
    To leave a Guild, just click the 'Leave Guild' button (See below). Don't worry though, it'll have some authentication questions, so you won't leave your guild by accident.

    To disband a Guild, just revisit the NPC (See above) you used to found your guild.

    Thanks for Reading.


    OBT for Ragnarok Online: Legend of the Second (First English Version!) is Coming Soon!
    December 27, 2012. Mark Your Calendars!

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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