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    Looking for .VDK file unpacker/packer

    hi! i'm playing RO2 warportal server right now, and i notice that there UI are bit too big for my monitor.
    also there are useless extra display like having 2 displayed life bar "the poring bars" and the upper life bars.
    so i was wondering if there are available .VDK file unpacker/packer programs around that are free to download.

    and also maybe if there is an auto presser for the game that you can provide that can bypass there security
    for auto click it would be a pleasure to have coz clicking the same button for hours hurts.

    so if anyone here could help me it would be a great honor to be tutored or teach how.

    Thankyou in advance.

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    i'm here to look for the vdk pack/unpacker too, some searching on google took me to this link, still trying to figure out how to download this app, hope it helps

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