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    Post Why choose such a class.

    That you are a beginner, always ask, what class to choose? Which class is the best class? That does not really exist, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Below I will post a brief summary of each class to help you.


    Warrior: The most versatile class in the game has a high attack as well as defense, if you like to be the harm in a group, I advise choosing this class.

    Abbreviation: WR (Warrior)

    Mage: The class with the highest damage in the game, the magician takes amazing damage of mobs, and shield ground leaves you with a great defense, suggest that class choice for those who like high magic damage.


    Barbarian: The best class tanker of the game, one of the most requested classes in groups, you will easily be called in any group, because it is easy, you simply tanking mobs with ease. The Barbarian is a class that has more HP, and a high defense, but their damage is not compared to a Warrior. I recommend this class for those who like strong emotions, taking blow exchanging punches with the mobs.

    Abbreviation: WB (Warrior Barbarian)

    Bewitched: Best class for leveling and hunting, has help from her pet, which, from time to time you need to strive, your pet will do everything for you. It's a great class, more is not very good in PvP, more if equipped with one of the rare pets, the witch can become a nightmare for any class.

    Abbreviation: Feit


    Priest: No doubt, best in class group and has the best buffs. Priests are the dearest in a group, for those who like to help others and leveling quickly group, suggest the Priest. One tip, do not underestimate the priest, he is not only the master of healing, it can make your life a nightmare.

    Abbreviation: Sacer

    Archer: Best long distance attack, when Archer takes away from the target cause devastating damage on it, for those who like to play in and fly long distances from the start, I suggest the Archer.

    Abbreviation: Archer


    Mercenary: the style ninja, Assassins are the master of daggers are cold killers, their dilemma is to kill and get out. His attacks are very fast speed and also be very careful with a Mercenary, its power of camouflage can be your biggest headache. This class promises yes, advise for those who like strong emotions even a very interesting class to play.

    Abbreviation: Merc

    Spiritual: Is a class almost identical to the magician, who is rumored to speak, Mages are better in PvE, and in PvP Spiritualists, however no one confirms this correctly. Spiritualists have great debuffs and cast spells very quickly.

    Abbreviation: Esp


    Arcanum: A class mix with Warrior Mage, most of his attacks are launched long distance, however, is based on his physical attack. It's a great class, has great strength, and promises in PvP. I would advise anyone to ta torn between class physical and magic, Arcane fulfills both functions, noting that his attack is based on your physical attack.

    Mystic: A great class to level up, which is not the witch, the Mystic has the help of a pet, making it independent. Let's say Mystic is like a sorceress improved in PvP, your problem is that it consumes a lot of MP. I recommend this class for those who like magic class, and want to have a pet to help you do everything. Recalling that the Mystic is a great class in [/ I] PvP, and has several plants that give debuff the target.

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